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  1. Mike Miller Male, 21 years old Born and raised for nearly 8 years in London. Son of Todd and Misha. Childhood Raised for nearly 8 years in the great British metropolis, the son of a Chernarusian widow, whose husband died in a tragic accident at work. Life did not smile at these two - the mother, due to her health problems, was unable to undertake any work that would be able to keep her and her son in dignified conditions, the only thing that had the remaining money paid by her husband's employer as a remedy accident. It was a binding end to end. She decided to return for some time with her son to her homeland, hoping that her parents would support them. Motherland She relieved her when she crossed the border - the urban uproar exhausted her completely and entering the Chernarus climate added her spirit and evoked all the beautiful memories of childhood years. The view of her parents - whole and healthy - stifled this, openly embracing them with open arms. Their lives went on like any other, but the conflict within Chernarus was getting worse from day to day. Mike was not entirely aware of it. He was used to the presence of troops, his mother explained to him that he was just here. Sometimes he would watch from the window marching troops of armed soldiers, he was very impressed, and not once had he thought of wanting to be like them. Tragedy One day, however, hell broke loose. During a visit to childhood friends, Misha was killed in a random shooting on the streets of Elektrozavodsk. The civil war broke out on that very day. War Conflict didn't start next to their home, but they had to be careful anyway, the front was changeable. It was so for the next years - Mike and his grandparents. What a lucky one for that they survived the conflict. Finally came the moment when an unknown virus attacked the local population. It did not take three days and grandparents fell victim to it and Mike remained alone. Young boy took all necessary things from home and went on a journey to survive. He had the basic skills needed for survival which he taught him in his free time through the foresight of his grandfather. Apocalypse As the time passed his began to be more skilled in survival. Making a new camp and choosing a proper location for it began to be almost every day routine. He was quite proficient in melee combat but as for his shooting skills... well he still had a lot to learn. At first he lived in fear for his life, hiding in the forests and collecting supplies from nearby towns, if necessary. He avoided people if he could. Fear, however, passed when it became an everyday reality and something inside was telling him that he shouldn't stay alone for too much longer - he had to find a group of peopleand increase his chances of survival in this harsh world.
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