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  1. Names Caleb aka Ricey given to me by friends, I tend to avoid hostile situations I'm a bit of a pacifist. I enjoy becoming friends with people and creating groups to play with, I try to avoid toxicity with people yet theirs always one. My name will most likely be Caleb Ricey. Haven't played any Dayz RP so I'm excited to see what it's about I play a lot of Basketball and am in TAFE studying Disconnect/Reconnect, Currently am an Electrician apprentice for my fathers Bussiness. In 2 years time, I'm going to be solo to start my own Bussiness. I roleplayed a lot on a good server called GGS.SX and am pretty well known on there as Caitlin I wear a glitchy mask and a cat hat, I'm friends with a bunch of people and staff on GGS.SX but over time it's gotten a bit boring so I wanted to try DayzRP I also played a bunch of other RP games for a short while I played a Rust Medieval RP server before it shut down, I was a prince of a tribe and had my own squad of soldiers. Story Caleb Grey Age: 19 Occupation before the outbreak: Lumber Jack How did my person end up in Chernarus, My parents Michael and Catherine were tourists that fled from the United Kingdom trying to get as far as they can away from their abusive families that didn't want them to be together due to their races, after arriving they had a child soon after named Caleb meaning faithful. Years pass and nothing interesting happened until Caleb runs away to live with his soon wife's family, where he would spend most of his years until they got married and move out. Bio: Enjoys being around others and the outdoors, Loves wildlife and hunting all sorts of game. Got into a car accident as a child that hindered my hearing in my left ear. months before the outbreak I got into an alcohol addiction which caused a ripple in my marriage with Jasmine and almost destroyed my friendship with my close mate Deacon. Later falling into an alcohol-induced coma, Soon after my wife at the time, Jasmine had a miscarriage which leads to her filing for divorce whilst I was in a coma. I later woke up to an empty hospital dazed and confused. I left the hospital in my patient gown with my buttocks out trying to find Jasmine and Deacon, not knowing there's been an outbreak. I reentered what was left of society, trying to make sense of what has happened.
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