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  1. Just a man, trying to survive at any cost.... I fell asleep on a plane destined for Russia to meet my mail order bride, whom never arrived. When I awoke, the plane was on the ground with passengers and staff screaming, scrambling to disembark. Though it was difficult to see through the crowd, the cause of all the commotion was clear. A single passenger stood out among the rest, resisting the crowd, biting and scratching as staff and passengers tried to subdue him. Suddenly, a series of gunshots rang out as police in tactical gear stormed the plane. The violent passenger was now on the ground... The panic turned to calm, we were ordered off the plane and separated into small interrogation rooms. After hours of waiting, It had become silent. I had begun to lose hope that I would ever leave this room. Finally, after what seemed like days, the door opened. A single officer covered in blood stood expressionless at the door. "Get out, or don't... You're fucked either way... You follow me, I shoot you..." he said in a thick Russian accent. He was the last living person I have seen.
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