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  1. Thank you all for the greetings! I feel more than welcome.
  2. I was a Student at Georgian College construction and Engineering program, we were tasked with planning and constructing Government water treatment facilities within Europe. While the initial reason for the project was unknown to the students, we were just happy with a free trip to places we have never been before. Half-way through our trip we had a couple weeks downtime and decided to travel to as many countries as possibly within our area to inspect and document local architecture and design. While exploring the towns and cities of Chernarus we found ourselves being trapped in a huge government quarantine. With the cities packed with panicking civilians my group of classmates decide to travel up a little north to a local town were we can grab a fresh breath of air and maybe so quite where we can rest. We've past three towns already and they've all been abandoned, finding small traces of food and fresh water here and there our group keeps dwindling and the few of us are running out of energy and need to create a camp where we can be safe. We've heard that a mass infection has spread but we are not prepared enough yet to venture south again down to the cities.
  3. Hey how're ya!? My names Nicholas I am 25 from Ontario Canada, really excited to get in and be able to meet new friends and be apart of the community! Feel free to send a hello or ask some questions via mailbox and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am very easy going and extremely friendly, Currently I have been dealing with almost crippling depression and have been unable to keep a steady job as of late so I may be on the server quite a bit in the coming weeks while I try to take care of myself and get the help I need. I am always down to talk about mental health or even share stories or listen incase anyone ever needs to talk about anything at all, I am always here to be a friend!
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