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  1. Made this up within the hour not "amazing" but I`m pretty impressed with myself so far. My name is Anthony Buzo, I was originally born in Russia, but had migrated into the USA (NewYork) with my parents and two younger brothers (Abram, and Valetin) after the Soviet Union had fallen in ’91… Everything had went to hell with the economies ‘hyperinflation’ and soon following up with the financial crash of ’98. We were one of the lucky families able to make it across the sea by boat to a new life. I have an older brother (Boris) who had to stay behind, because he had joined the Russian Army and was stationed at one of the posts there, as well as an older sister (Alexandra) who had married a well off stock broker so she had stayed behind saying “being rich in Russia wouldn’t mean anything in America for me.”, though growing up my family received letters from my sister asking for money for her and her husband who were part of the %49 living in poverty after the financial crash. Through my younger years I went to public school picking up the english language, and soon losing my english accent. My family and I started a deli called “Buzo`s Deli” which had a pretty decent customer rate. As I continued to focus on my studies, I became very fascinated with the english language and american history. I literally had read my middle school American history and literature book before I went to bed every night until I finished them. Taking up my interest in it, I went on to college to become a teacher! I taught High school American History and taught English for summer school. Life went well as I was able to afford a house, car and provide for my beautiful wife who also worked at the school, it was love at first sight. Since then my life felt so…Bright! Present year I received the Teacher of the year award and the school district offered a round trip to and from a place of choice under $3000. “Around this time of year a trip to Russia was cheap, and I had been receiving letters from my brother who wanted to see me…” I thought to myself while discussing it with my wife who had been so excited for me and who had since convinced me to go visit my brother. Ever since our parents had passed away, my Older brother had started making contact with me more often. So I took this opportunity, and hopefully I`d be able to see my sister as well hopefully she was doing okay, two in one I suppose. I kissed my wife goodbye as I got on the plane and took off for Chernarus. After landing I met with my brother who gave me possibly one of the biggest hugs a person can give! I had not seen him In so so long and yet he still looked the same! Nothing but good ol’memories were brought up when we were in a local bar in Kamenka. It felt good to be home, they sure rebuilt themselves from the depression they were in. My brother offered me to stay at his house with him and his wife for the weekend, I agreed. He told me that he had retired from the army, got married,and made a living in construction and he seemed happy about it too! I was glad it worked out for him here. Not much was said about my sister, He and her didnt really speak much to each other sadly so it`ll be tough for me to find her… As the day grew weak so did us all, after saying goodnight I made my way to the guest bedroom laid down and dozed off to a deep sleep… hours later I had been woken up by my brother, who looked as white as a ghost in panic, he had blood all over him. After asking what had happened, he said that his wife had became a demon as well as most people in Kamenka, and tried to kill him and few others. Confused I got up, got dressed and ran to see his wife on the floor torn up, seemed like she was attacked by some sort of animal… she was gone now though, put down by a bullet to the head by her husband. I wanted to vomit… the smell of rot and smoke filled the room as screams and crashes were heard everywhere. My brother now in his old soldier uniform gave me a side arm saying “They are saying the whole country had been attack by these demons! You need to leave! Head to Chernogorsk that was where I spoked to our sister last!” there was a nearby explosion of a vehicle crashing causing us to hit the ground for cover,I looked up seeing the night sky had been lit up by the flames everywhere. Looking at my brother I told him to come with me, he refused saying he was called up by local enforcement, he will be needed here with the rest of the police and army. How long was I asleep? I wondered as my brother pushed me away as one of the hurt people charged at us. The man bit my brothers forearm before my brother shot it in the head with his pistol. He looked at me and said “I`m okay! bastard just bit me that`s all! Quick go find our sister!” So I did… Getting into my brothers vehicle, I turned it on and stepped on the gas making my way out of Kamenka, I could only hope that my brother and sister were okay. On the sides you could see the elderly by the water on their knees praying then being attacked by those psychos… what was this? What`s happening? Attacked by demons??? I turned on the radio in hopes for my question to be answered. It is said that the main cities and surrounding towns were attacked by some infection. That it happened so suddenly. The woman on the radio started praying just as the radio went out. the main cities??? that means Chernogorsk was hit… my sister! I stepped on the gas not paying attention as I tried to find another radio station, hoping to reach the city quickly. I looked up quickly swerving off the road seeing those infected on the road causing me to crash into a tree instantly causing my sight to go black. Slowly reaching consciousness, my head burst with pain. It felt like I was out for days… As I got out of the wrecked vehicle, I winced as the broken glass cut my hands and knees as I tried to get up off the ground. I saw red on my left eye as blood from my head dripped down over it causing it to sting… Once I got my bearings I looked around, everything was empty… I limped back to Kamenka to see nothing but ashes, bodies, and walking people that looked like they were sick…they were… Eating people…I held in my gagging as I made my way to my brothers house silently to see no one there but his dead wife… I went over to the bathroom and washed my leg,face and hands wrapping them up with bandages. Hopefully my brother made it out…I hoped to myself. After a good day passed I made it to Chernogorsk on foot, no life… only thing there were, was those psycho cannibals who saw me and chased me for miles deep into the heart of Chernarus,I lost them in the forest and quickly fell to my knees out of breath, and heart pounding… whats happening? I thought to myself, wheres my brother? my sister?… How will I make it back to my wife back in the states…?Is she okay…? It`s as if my ‘perfect’ life was made out to be a sick game just to return here at Chernarus and watch as hell rose on earth…I have to find someone…Anyone… I have to find my family… I have to find out was is going on…