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  1. Operator Dima tore his ACL while working on an Operation with Operator Onyx about a year ago. This put him out of commission for months. During this time he developed a bit of a drinking problem back a the base. He was given a lot of time on leave, and would get drunk regularly at the bar they set up for operators at the FOB that were off duty. It became a problem, so he cut the shit. He still has people he cares about, including his fellow operators, and he wasn't going to let his injury keep him down. He started being completely sober once the higher ups had taken note of his bar tabs, and quickly got back into physical therapy as soon as he could. Eventually he came back stronger and faster than before. But before that, during the in between time, he did a lot of time on guard duty at the base, this was fine for a time... until the skirmishes north of South Zagoria erupted and the place was a fucking warzone. He fought alongside Shadow up there for a few months after they were finally released from the Brig. Shadow may have never been released if it hadn't been for the assaults on the FOB and Corporate needing all hands on deck. Now things have calmed down and they've redeployed men into the field in Chernarus. Onyx was sent ahead of Dima who still has to be on guard duty. However, after passing a test of his physical strength and speed, he got the okay to go rejoin. They were going to helicopter him into the country, but due to all the AA, they've been holding off on sending a bird down, and instead they sent him and the other operators coming with him to reinforce the men on the ground already by boat. Dima is ready for whatever this country has to bring him, and based off what he's heard from Onyx already, it could be literally anything.
  2. Tadhg McNamara is a gun for hire, working for an American-based PMC. His most recent job tasked him with pulling maritime security for a ship traveling from South Africa to Elektrozavodsk on a merchant ship. He was given 3 days shore-time as the ship needed to unload and refuel. His weapons temporarily confiscated and being left with nothing but about $200 USD worth of roubles and the civilian clothes on his back, he went off to go see the sights. Hearing of a military base up towards the north, he started to hitchhike his way to one of the towns surrounding it, just to get a little look at how the Europeans secured their bases compared to the ones back in the States. As he got closer and closer to the base, things became more and more barren until there seemed to be no life at all. He looked around and eventually found a young man that told him of monsters running around the installation, and how the military either ran away or were eaten alive. Tadhg found his ride-giver from before and made it down to the newly created hell that was the Elektro evacuation port. Now he is trapped on Chernarus with his original transport gone as soon as news of the outbreak reached the ports. Feeling as if nobody of use is going to come, Tadhg is simply trying to get by how he can without killing someone needlessly. Hell, hunting and living out of a cabin always was a dream of his. Survival is now his top priority, and he'll avoid as many people as he can.
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