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  1. Sorry to the guys at Greenmountain on S1 today, that i didnt bring back the truck. Found my friend and on the way back to GM I drove into a fence and the truck got stuck under the map. I got out and my friend disapeared into a black hole. Wanted to get back and RP with you
  2. Leo "The Gatekeeper" Sturm, nice idea to rob people gently! And Thank you Mary Archer for paying my fee!
  3. And with what car will you run away from the zombies?
  4. 1. Nope, i stood on the rocks northern to Solnichy. There weren't any Zombies around 2. Yes, I knew that but it happend after i took a break for a couple of hours. After the relog, there was a unknown city in front of me and I had no gear So I think the server wanted to get rid of my character and killed him.
  5. You didn't really make that clear but alright, if someone is trying to give you some friendly advice here's a tip: Don't be a dick about it after they try to help you. Thanks Sorry, didn't want to step on someones feet. Don't take it personally. I was kinda pissed at the moment.
  6. I tried. Everywhere the same and and i didn't played on public server since 0.53 was launched
  7. When do some people learn to read properly.. I Joined the server a second time this day. Made a break for some hours from playing. A server restart wasn't the cause.. But thank you now i have to regain all my stuff. Will take some days.
  8. Hello Community! Is there by any chance a Possibility to get back a character that got erased by the server? Logged in some minutes ago and my Character with my ghillie suit and all hard earned stuff is erased. There wasn't a server restart wich kicked me out of the game and when I joined there were some people already connected to it. Thought this kind of bug was solved?
  9. Full ghillie suit (now painted in Woodland!) and clothing that keeps me dry and has lot of capacity. I'm wearing the ghillie to protect my friend and it fits also into our roleplay.. aaaaand i love to scare people with a moving bush
  10. I'm using a Logitech G9x, but i don't know if it's still aviable If you have some extra money and want a really good headset: Sennheiser PC 363D! Using it for over a year now. It sounds Sennheiser like and the microphone is also fantastic
  11. Aluchaertli

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Cause he's a Mod!
  12. Aluchaertli

    Bring back the 'Hero' rule!

    Ou, i think i have to reread the rules about that, thank you. I've just seen so many KoS reports lately and dont want to be part of one. that's why my shadowplay is always running
  13. Aluchaertli

    Bring back the 'Hero' rule!

    Just a short question which could be related to KoS and the hero-rule: Following situation: Your friend is getting robbed while you hide in the woods. you're getting some infos about the bandits over the radio from your friend (how many there are, which weapons they use, which one's looting,which one secures the robbery). Is it allowed to open fire from distance, when you get the codeword from your friend via radio? (RADIO- not TS!!)