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  1. As much as that would wind me up, I kinda hope it's the case and not our old persistency friend again
  2. ... In a forest, with no battery or radiator or spark plug or wheel. I can think of easier things to steal.
  3. It might just be me, but it appears cars are disappearing again, or losing persistency, or just being basic asshats. I spent a good few hours yesterday searching, sourcing, scrounging and limping a car back to life. Parked it up neatly in a forest and took its radiator out and a few other important car-moving bits. Logged in this morning and it's just me standing in a field with a jerry can and a radiator looking a bit silly. The car wasn't empty, pristine condition, all my meat in the back (no pun intended). I'd say it's just me, but I also had it happen on another server I play on. Anyone else seeing persistency issues with cars all of a sudden?
  4. Stafford til I die fam
  5. Awesome, thanks all!
  6. Hiya Northerner 40 here! Yeah, there seems to be a lot of hi-byes at the moment. I've got a few mates who also play and so we're kind of sticking together at the moment, but I have a fair amount of free time and so like to go explore and meet new people. Trying to avoid one group I've heard about, but that's more due to their numbers and playstyle which I've heard is more "Do what we want but we don't know why and then we're going to kill you", but looking for some more seasoned players!
  7. Hiya. I'm Ad. A (probably a bit too old) RPer from the UK. Been playing here a little while and thought I'd say hello! Still finding my feet on the server and just had a post deleted, possibly because I was asking in a roundabout way of where to look for some good quality established RPers, rather than the quick-hit hi and bye types. Anyway, look forward to seeing you all ingame Pic attached is me. Half cut off arm is someone who is not attached... to me... anymore.
  8. Columbus. An explorer in the eyes of many, but this Columbus is only exploring by necessity. He's a grifter; ex con - a victim of circumstance. He's not bad, but he's done bad things, and he'll tell you why he was justified on every occasion. Loyal to a fault, as long as you're useful. He's slow to anger, but quick to react. And he's the man who can get you things. For the right price he'll tear hell open. But he'd much rather just keep quiet, do his business - do your own time, man. Do your own time. this shit, this world of shit, why is he here? Now? Between the zeds and the creeps it's hard for Columbus to know which is worse - Infection or resigning himself to the fact that this is really as good as life will be from now on. "F**k, I'm here because I chose a sh*tty ass contract clawing coal from their godforsaken mines" he mutters to himself. A grifter looking for a safe place away from the ex-con stigma, who now hides in barns to find a safe place away from the soldiers and the plague.
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