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  1. i was looking at this the other day and it looks great i think it would be a great addition to the server.
  2. i know last year Roland was talking about adding a trading zone with currency and areas where you can tp from.Is the dayzrp team still working on those features or is the project scraped. I am just curious. I know a lot of people where talking about it when there was a poll up for them back in the day.
  3. i loved this mod in the past and think since the servers are a lot more stable then they used to be i think it would be nice to add it back to the servers.what do you guys think
  4. all i can say is there will always be complaints against very strong fortresses no matter who owns it.Alot of people complain about prison island all the time and other fortresses i see around the map.but that is most of the time raiders being sad they cant get into bases easy and horde gear themselves
  5. my POV: A couple of us were in a truck heading over to novo to go do a raid on a compound.While we were driving there the truck bugged out and we crashed and hit a pole and all died.All of us were highly upset about this do to the nature of the game being buggy.So we all spawned back and i spawned relatively close to were we died.The town we died in is called gvozdno and i spawned near vyshnaya dubrovka so i thought since we died by a bug and we were not in any active situation we could go back to are bodies and reclaim are gear so i decided to take the trip back up there before the bodies despawned because i know the body despawn time is much quicker now and they wouldn't be there for long.So i sprinted up there as quick as i could with one other member of my party that died and got there pretty quickly.When we arrived there we didnt expect to see someone going through the bodies i was actually shocked to be honest.So we walked up and i played dumb to the situation and asked if i could have some guns and gear ran over grabbed the wolf ar15 and held her up with it.We continue the rp with her the whole time while the rest of the group showed up to reclaim some gear they could retrieve.WE made sure she was good to go and told her theirs a lot of things left and that im really sorry she can have everything that left there was some guns food water clothes plate carriers etc.so after i tell her all that i tell the guys we need to leave....Containing to the NLR i definitely broke NLR i realized this after the situation and went and looked up the official definition of NLR and asked staff.I was always under the assumption that NLR was considered for gun fights and situations i did not think it carried over to bugs in the game itself. Im not gonna use that as a excuse and take the punishment deserved.Next time im going to read the rules better and make sure i have a good understanding of them.Sorry to break your immersion or rp experience on the server it was not intentional.
  6. were will this prison event take place? not on prison island right?
  7. is there any mods out there that can provide more vegetables or even fruit and more food recipes because i would love to see this changed.
  8. Sounds like in this thread we got the reaction we thought we would get and considering we only blocked off 2 wells near are compund sounds like people been around are area to much lol.but listen its not that hard to fine tablets and to get water from the other water resources I always carry tablets on me just in case something happens..also everyone in this thread is acting like this is the devils work.it might be but just remember since were doing it that doesnt mean other settlements are gonna start doing it aswell.but I can see in the future people are gonna start walling off water wells near there compunds to control them and honestly its a good plan.goodluck survivors we all need it
  9. When will these new additions to the server be added?
  10. I have not been around as long as a lot of members hete but I can definitely say the quality of role play in the last 2 months has changed alot.i have noticed it with other members in the community that it seems like some of the new people just dont care about the rules.know I'm not claiming to be a saint everyone messes up but the whitelist should be harder.
  11. tbh server is pretty fire i love to play on this server its a lot of fun
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