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  1. Lukov Stepan was originally born in Chernarus, but by the age of 3, in fleeing the poor quality of life and in fleeing an unexpected and life-long partner (Lukov's Father-Pavlov Yeremey) Lukov's mother, Orina Stepan, abandoned her old life to live in Alaska. Abject to her previous life, Orina began calling Lukov by the american name Luke, she refused to speak her native language of Chernarussian, and ignored and avoided questions from Lukov about their life in Chernarus. One time, however, when Lukov was 13 years old he heard his mother mention his biological father's name, Pavlov Yeremey, and stated that he worked as a scientist for the Russian government. As he grew older, Lukov spent most days camping and fishing with his closest friend, Alex Lockwood, in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska's National Parks, but overtime, they became restless to leave the small town that they had grown up in together. Following the sudden and unknown death of his mother, Lukov decided that he would revisit his home town of Elektrozavodsk that he had little to no memories of to find his father and to learn about the life that his mother was reluctant to share with him. Hugo having recently fail out of college, in pursuit of adventure and opportunity in the emerging and developing country of Chernarus, decided to join Lukov on his journey. With only 200$, the two backpacked their way from Alaska to Chernarus and weeks after their arrival--and after a trip to Lukov's childhood home just north of Elektrozavodsk, Lukov and Alex found jobs as apprentices to an expert electrician who spoke excellent English. After asking around, he discovered that his long lost biological father had been working in some military bases out west in the Black Mountains governed by the Chernarussian Defense Force. But when disaster struck it was already too late. On July 10th 2017, surrounding a controversy, the military bases that his biological father had allegedly been working in where annihilated by the Russian Air Force. The next day, panic spread throughout the streets of Chernarus and people began to evacuate. Lukov and Hugo debated returning to Alaska, but instead hunkered inside their apartment and watched the chaos unfold on the streets of Elektrozavodsk from afar for the next two weeks until they ran out of all of the supplies that they could live off of. Forced to scavenge for more supplies, the two left Elektrozavodsk to head north. They made due navigating through the wilderness just as they did throughout the Alaskan national forests throughout the years. Little did Lukov know that it would be the last few days with his closest companion. Days later just south of Stary Sabor, Alex came down with a sudden sickness and in the passing hours became increasingly agitated. Lukov knew what was to come and could not come to terms to see what was to become of his only friend. At the brink of Alex's rage he abandoned the campsite and all of the supplies, leaving his best friend to transgress into a primal shell of what he once was.
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