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  1. I agree with report being closed as well. @ITSTHETIM I do hope we meet again under better circumstances
  2. If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with We had right to kill you without initiating because you guys initiated on someone we were rping with so this report is invalid Nobody said in discord to initiate, I pointed my gun when I heard Thomas say everyone put your hands up. Your boy didn't comply and pointed his gun at three people who had their weapons trained on him. Nvfl Edit - I would like to say that I did enjoy your rp, op, and would like to rp again anytime. I wanted to clarify, as you guys do keep calling me jack, that we didn't introduce me as jack. As part of his back story is that Jack is running from a West coast American crime family he doesn't give out his real name so plz keep the name jack out of it IC. I would greatly appreciate it. Nobody ic knows my character as jack
  3. We were walking through town when we see a light moving and decide to investigate. We then stumble across a guy breaking into a base. We start talking to him and another guy comes out from a storage container where he was hiding. We chat with the two for a moment asking about the guy with the light, they tell us it's their friend Markus. Noah finds the guy while Thomas and I talk with the other two. While talking both of the guys pulled out their guns so tension is already high. Noah returns with the flashlight guy and the other two now claim they don't know him. Tension grows and the two men initiate on the flashlight guy while the three of us take up position behind them. We then initiate on all three. One puts his hands up, one pulls up a shotgun and gets gassed, then the other turns around facing us and raises his gun, gets bodied immediately. We rp with the last guy for a bit, he's real torn up over what had just happened, but all is well and we ask for perm to log after and he replies sure, which was nice of him. You did initiate on someone we were trying to rp with which does give us defender rights and we could have killed both of you without initiating but wanted to rp the situation out. The tension was high and you two set that bar by pulling out guns and your boy pointed his at us. We were going to log when we got a bit further up the road and it was dark so I had stopped recording. I'd also like to state that Riley @silvermoongaming was traveling with us but wasn't part of the fight, though she can tell her own pov, she took defensive position around the building and had nothing to do with the deaths.
  4. "I'm just out here doin what I do. Wasn't much for society the way it was anyway." -Jack Hall Early life Jack Hall was born around 1997, in the Las Angeles area. He was frequently beaten, along with his mother Jane, by his father, Darren. He was an only child, living in a bad neighborhood with a high crime rate, in a run down home. His hard life continued after, at 11 years old, Jack watched helplessly as his father murdered his mother, then committing suicide. He was placed on a foster home, the first of many where he was abused physically and mentally. At 16 Jack went out on his own, to live on the streets. Soon a life of crime became the normal for Jack. Petty theft, shoplifting, possession, and multiple assault charges. At 17 Jack was charged as an adult for beating a man. The beating was a job offered by a local gang boss. Prison Jack spent three years locked up for the assault and battery that left his victim permanantly scarred. During his stay Jack joined a small gang on the inside for protection, and offered to beat up inmates for a price, like he'd been doing for gangsters on the outs. Business boomed for Jack.Though he wasn't extraordinarily tall or muscular, he was well build and a great fighter. He had found his calling. Prison was better than the outs. He didn't have to worry about bills, rent, shopping or cooking. He had friends and purpose. He soon caught the eye of a Los Angeles mafia boss, who had hired Jack many times during his incarceration, and the boss had his men waiting for Jack upon his release. The murders Jack was released from prison in , at the age of 20. He had no idea what he was going to do. Luckily for him LA Mafia boss Lorenzo Mannino had his men waiting for him when he got out. Mannino Offered Jack a job. An enforcer. He would simply have to beat up who he was told to beat up, and deliver messages, He was told that he would be well compensated, which he was. After some time Jack was given a package by one of Mannino's men. The package contained a picture of a man with a name written on a sticky note, a pair of car keys, $500 and a .22 pistol. Jack asked the man what the pistol was for and his reply was simply; "You know." This was the beginning of the end for Jack. He didn't want to kill this man, but didn't know how to get out, either. He knew what happened to guys who wanted out. They get dead.Over the next year Jack would go on to murder 7 more people for Mannino. Every one of his 8 victims taking a bit of his soul with them. He was officially a mafia hit man. Mannino became sketchy with the FBI on his tail. He was ordering hits on his own men, and starting a war with gangs that previously were allies. Jack thought it was only a matter of time before Mannino turned on him. He had been loyal to Mannino but things were going downhill fast. Jack knew life as a mafia enforcer/hit man was a dangerous one, but at only 22 he wasn't ready to die or go to prison for the rest of his life. He needed a plan. Getting out Jack was paranoid. Hiding from the law. The FBI Were catching up with Manninoand it was only a matter of time before they would come busting in the door of his shitty little apartment and cuffing him, if he was lucky and they didn't just shoot him on sight, that is. Mannino was worse. Killing many of his own men off, breaking ties with everyone and hiding his funds. Jack knew he needed out, but didn't know how to do it. He thought about turning himself in to the FBI, but knew he would do life behind bars no matter what he told them. It was only a matter of time before he'd be killed by the man he'd been so loyal to. He decided to run. It was his only chance. In 2017 Jack decided to pack up what few belongings he has and leave. Heading first to Mexico then taking an international flight to Chernarus. He heard the country was ripe for gangsters. Drugs, guns, violence were all flourishing lines of work. Before he left he had to take care of his biggest problem. Mr. Mannino. Mannino had called Jack, asking him to meet at restaurant in a busy neighborhood. Mannino And his bodyguard told Jack that a hit had been put out on him by a rival gang, and that he would need to come with them. At that Jack stood up and pulled out his pistol and shot the two men before fleeing the scene. Jack knew that if Mannino wasn't going to kill him himself, he would more than likely turn him over to the "rival gang". He then drove to Phoenix, Arizona, before making his way to Mexico, and finally arrived in Chernarus. The infection A few days after arriving in Elektro, riots began to break out across the country. Military from around the world moved in. Jack stayed in his apartment, watching the events below. He hid out in the room for as long as he could. Throughout the riots, deaths, and spread of the infection, Jack stayed put. Going out only when necessary to gather supplies, and always staying close to home. He quickly found himself in a world completely changed. People had changed. The dead walked and the living...well they weren't to be trusted. Jack found survivors here and there, travelling north. He would offer his service in exchange for supplies. Service which usually involved finding people, hurting people, or protecting people. Though the world has been lost in chaos, Jack feels right at home. Living off the land/on the streets just like when he was a teen, fighting to survive, guns, drugs, crime. The only difference was now, he's freelance. A soldier for hire. Current A story still being written...
  5. You were mostly hanging out outside of the compound puking yet you talk about our rp? hmm. Or you just happened to miss that one part but was around for the rest of it? Interesting. You weren't stuck in the tower, though. We were. You could have left and come back later to try and figure out who it was or whatever. Roleplay. All i'm saying. Again, you saying that we didn't do anything rp wise but call your people names and hold an angle for no real reason other than to make the RP as boring as possible so you would leave makes no sense as you stated above that you weren't a witness to the rp. Unless again you're claiming to have caught all of the conversations except for the one about the gate. Lol. If you weren't abusing your defense rights then why pretend to leave, and come back between 20-25 minutes to initiate again? Obviously because you knew we would be able to log out if you didn't, ending the situation. Your people literally "left" for 20-25 minutes only to come back and reinitiate then leave again. You want to talk about our rp but you (and your group) weren't even around to rp with for most of the situation! And for like the 15th time including in the original report, I am very aware that we initiated first. Even without the person who forced hunter to build the gate coming forward multiple people have stated that the rp was terrible bad and that your group left us alone for 20 minutes at at a time before reinitiating and abusing your defense rights to keep us from being able to leave. You say he was just lobbing grenades and you were off vomitting and don't know what everyone else was doing right after bashing our rp? Every one of your answers are that we didnt provide good rp but you all say that you didn't either and don't know shit about what anyone else was doing. You can all bash on our rp but fail to show that you provided any at all. We tried and the situation quickly turned to name calling on both sides followed by nothing but "come down you fucking retards" over and over while your people tried to get grenades to grow wings and try to shoot us through the tower door. Just because we initiated on you doesn't mean that you should be so pvp focused that rp goes out the window. A hostile situation doesn't have to end in hostage or death but could be resolved and you guys could have left or tried to talk it out. You were purely hostile and pvp focused. I'll say it again. Bad rp. Abuse of defense rights. fair play. griefing. This actually made me laugh. I'm glad some enjoyment came out of the situation at any rate.
  6. We did know, in character, that the group coming to green mountain was anarchy or affilates of anarchy. Noah and Steve were against anarchy's control and stood up to them whenever possible. We were told ic shortly before you all arrived that anarchist members had recently come and held up someone in the tower and left after 15 minutes because they couldn't get up there. When your people arrived we were pretty sure you were anarchy or affiliates and if there were more of us there would have been a firefight but there were two of us and unknown number of you so we took the info we had ic and went up the tower for safety. We assumed that once you knew you couldnt get up there you would leave. Your people then killed three members of a group we were on good terms with, then someone started climbing up the tower so Noah told him that if he continued up the ladder he would be killed. At first we all talked and the rp was ok but it quickly turned to shit talking on both sides followed by like five minutes of one person yelling "come down you fucking retards" over and over, then your people said they were leaving. But some of you return every 20 minutes, I remember one of the times the person only said "come down or you will be killed, ok." and ran off. My report for badrp was mainly because your people left us alone with no rp at all for 20 minutes at a time hoping that we would come out so you could kill us from the woods. I never said that we didn't initiate first. My report is here because your people used your defense rights to harass us by watching the door of the tower and waiting for us to come out so you could kill us while initiating every 20 minutes for over two hours so that we can't log out, then building a gate so that when we do wake up we would be trapped. Your people were only talking to us for like 15 minutes and then pretended to have left (which we were told ic that you were hiding and waiting for us btw, hunter and his people were our friends) only to return every 20 minutes to initiate so we couldnt log. If your group wasn't so focused on pvp you would have taken the situation as it was. Two men were hiding in a tower from you. why? who were they? ask around. build story. This wasn't how the situation should have been handled at all. @Kolya Vorona I really don't see what contradictions you're talking about, honestly everyone's story sounds about the same to me. The only thing is that the person who forced hunter to build the gate refuses to admit to it.
  7. I want to make it clear that @TheLamp1 wasn't told to, but forced at gunpoint by no less than three hostiles to build it. He has always been kind to me in game and there is absolutely no reason for action to be taken against him, he did nothing wrong. He complied and kept himself alive, and provided rp to the hostiles. Shortly before any initiation was dropped by us, so around 2:45-3:00? three people walked up to the gate at green mountain and were killed by the people that held us in the tower. we witnessed this ic. we were told the people were Operation custodia members. The group of people who should be in this report were the ones that killed those guys. @Timm WIlson Seriously you don't remember the names of the people you were with? I'm curious as to how this makes sense and @JoshAbstract wasn't asked who he was with but the others were. Just pointing that out..I'm confused. How is it that the two of you along with at least 3 (we were told ic) others show up, kill at least three others and spend two hours trying to kill us then trap us in the tower and leaving don't know who else there or who told @TheLamp1 to build the gate?
  8. Sorry, Hunter is @TheLamp1 (lucern lux), he runs the green mountain charity. Ivan is @CaptainChips not sure if he was playing on the character at the time or if it is another character but he was with @TheLamp1 We were having some good rp with them when these guys rolled up. The hostiles forced lucern lux to build the gate before allowing him perm to log
  9. Maybe ooc hate is harsh on the comment, I did however feel that you were bringing the issue ooc. I find it funny @JoshAbstract that you say we were hiding like cowards then asking where the fear rp was. We were outnumbered and our options were to either run, fight, hide or comply. We hid in the one place you couldn't get to us. Had we allowed your people to climb up it would have defeated the purpose of hiding up there, right? We did initiate first and I personally expected that once you realized that you couldn't get to us you would have fucked off instead of standing around calling us retards and saying come down or die over and over, initiating on us every 20 minutes so we couldn't log out and then locking us in with a gate. The entire situation didn't make sense IC. Why would your characters leave or stop talking to us pretending to have left, then come back every 20 minutes to say come down or die? Why would you stay there and not wonder if we had backup coming? For hours? Btw I did talk. every time your men said come down or die I asked why without response. I also asked who you were without response and told you that if you wanted to resolve the situation just leave. I told you that neither of us were the Ivan you were looking for. I also talked to Hunter and Nikoli. A lot of the situation we were whispering to one another, And honestly how am I supposed to respond to come down or die retards being yelled over and over? how is that rp at all? You seriously can't even question our rp when your group comes up ruining the roleplay that we were having with your yelling and harassment. I didn't think you would actually build a gate to lock us inside of a tower to "starve or jump like cowards" but you did. Didn't think you would harass us and ruin our night instead of fucking off, but you did.
  10. Server and location: s1 green mountain tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): not sure, sometime around 3:00 pm oct 4th, I believe. Was around 7:30-8:00 mountain time us. Your in game name: Steven Wade Names of allies involved: Noah Russo Name of suspect/s: unknown, anarchy or affiliates, Carlos Gomez Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): enemies had at least one truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: ok so Noah and I were at green mountain charity getting in some rp with hunter, his men and the people that called themselves the little green men. A truck rolls up and we know that it is probably anarchy as they come to green mountain often to check for gun licenses or whatever and be hostile. Our group is not on good terms with the anarchists as we do not agree with their ideals ic. Noah and I go up the tower and hold in the room at the top. we hear from the tower that another three people have arrived at the gate and someone initiates on them. the three men and I believe one of the little green men are killed. Shortly after this the hostile group begins asking who is in the tower and start climbing the ladder. Noah tells the intruder that if they continue to climb up, they will be killed, initiating on their group.the men go back down the ladder. After this they spend some time calling us names and telling us to come down or die. To my knowledge they were not told what our names were, nor our group name. They assumed, from what I heard, that one of us was a man named Ivan. the men tried to find a way into the tower, tried to shoot through, and tried to throw grenades, all of which were unsuccessful. The intruders provided zero rp, just kept calling us retards and telling us that we were going to die if we did not come down. This went on for a while, then they left. We were told over radio by hunter that the men were watching from the trees so we held our position. we started a timer so that we would know when we are able to log out. A few minutes before we would have been able to log out, the men came back and initiated by saying come down or die, okay, and left again. About 25 minutes later the men returned and initiated again. They told us at some point that they were building a wall in front of the door and that we could either starve or jump. Today when I logged in, I was still stuck in the tower and had to get an admin to help me out. At one point during the confrontation, Noah accidently placed a cabinet in the ladder shaft and said //whoops and their response was "what you do nerd" bringing their anger and shit talking to ooc. After almost three hours of the situation continuing, I logged out. I believe that locking us in the tower to die would be griefing. ooc hate for the nerd comment. I believe that they can't simply lock us in and return every 25 minutes to reinitiate just so we can't log without getting in trouble. 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. There was no reason for them to lock us in and come back to reinitiate every 25 minutes just to keep us in the game, stuck in the tower. Sitting there for hours waiting for htem to leave so that we could log out. The group came to green mountain like they do every day to ruin everyone's roleplay, they ended our enjoyment of the roleplay that we were having. they failed to provide rp or any ic reason for wanting us to come out of the tower except that they were angry because we wouldnt let them come up or come down ourselves. They had no ic reason to stay that long watching the tower. 4.3 You shouldn't use defender or attacker rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations. Think about if using them to kill another character is viable in the current situation considering role play and In Character information. The only reason they wanted to kill us was because they couldn't get to us, and didnt make sense ic. the group ignored us by leaving and returning to reinitiate then leaving again. 4.4 You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. Edit: I believe the hostile group forced Hunter or his men to build the gate locking me in the tower
  11. moxx

    s1 kos by stary

    @Mademoiselle after speaking with @William89 I think that maybe lag or something caused for me to not hear John's initiation or something and without any video evidence it's my word against his. I think that William is genuine in saying that he did hear John initiate and for some reason I didnt. At any rate I think the report can be closed and no further action is required, I feel better about the situation thanks to @William89 and I appreciate both of your time.
  12. moxx

    s1 kos by stary

    @William89 perhaps technical issue would explain the situation as I said on my end I heard no voice before i was shot, i had my inventory open and was dragging the boots to my character. On my end I didn't turn and didn't hear any initiation. I do appreciate your replies and hope that if we do meet in game again we can rp better situations. Without evidence of what I experienced it's basically my word against yours. You seem like a decent person who genuinely wasn't trying to ruin my day and I don't want any action against you and would like to close the report if possible. In the future I will definitely record my interactions.
  13. moxx

    s1 kos by stary

    Hmmm.... This isn't how I recall things happening. I didn't hear anyone say to put my hands up or not turn around. I also didn't turn around at all. I walked up to the boots and opened my inventory and was shot from behind without them saying a word. There was no robbery and no rp just shot in the back of my head for my loot. Nobody initiated on me and I didn't try to shoot anyone or even turn around. I asked them what their names were and one of them said something inaudible idk what was goin on with his mic but it was loud and I couldn't understand what he said if he did tell me his name but either way neither of them spoke before they shot me, there was no initiation or warning, an I didn't turn around let alone try to shoot them. I had a shotgun and no body armor.. it would be stupid to try and fight both of them..I walked over to the boots, opened my inventory and was killed. Thomas says that John told me to not move and to put my hands up then I turned around. John says he tells me to drop my gun, have my back facing him, drop everything and that if i turn around with my gun that he will shoot me, then gives three seconds and tells me again to drop the gun, then I turn around and try to kill him. Literally none of this happened and they didn't say a word. The last thing I heard either of them say was "You want those?" about the boots in the road. Look. Whether or not things went down as I say, vs how you say (which is a complete lie), rule 4.4 states As an attacker you may NOT: Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. Providing zero rp and simply robbing me of my backpack directly violates the rules. You guys came up to me and asked me a couple of questions then shot me because, as you both stated, you wanted my backpack. Honestly I just wanted for the two of you to own up to what you did, maybe even apologize. Its upsetting that I spent over an hour running from the east beach line and looting a backpack full of food just for the two of you to come up and kill me for it. I joined this server for the rp experience, not to be killed for loot. I don't care about the items but the way things went down were not ok at all.
  14. Server and location: Stary Sober S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4:50 Your in game name: Steven Wade Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: outside of stary sober met with two guys, they didn't tell me their names. they were walking toward stary and so was I. They asked if I had any shotgun ammo, I said I do, they asked if I had a leather repair kit, which I didn't. They asked my name and I told them, we continued walking. there was a pair of boots in the road. One of the guys said "I'll take those" and picked them up, then said "do you want those." I walked over to the pair of boots, and was killed by one of the two. unfortunately I wasn't recording at the time, until now I didn't find it necessary that I always record.
  15. Steve was, before the infection outbreak, a rookie police officer. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. After witnessing the murder of his parents and being thrown into the foster system, he knew that he would grow up to become law enforcement to aid people who were affected by the criminal world like he and his brother were at such a young age. His older brother, Mark, joined the military and was shipped off to Chernarus at the age of eighteen. Two years later, shortly after graduating the police academy, Steve got news that his brother was to be married to a woman from Chern. He took a flight so he could be there for the wedding, knowing nothing of the outbreak. Upon arrival at the international airport in Chern, which was an overrun mess, the plane was forced in a panic to make an emergency landing outside of the air strip, which didn't go well and many were killed. Steve survived the crash and the outbreak, and has been living off the land in the area, searching for his brother ever since. He is strong willed, enthusiastic and eager to prove himself. He is mature, but was just a rookie as a police officer and new to the world of adulthood and survival. He has never been completely alone, until now. He wants nothing more than to find his brother and get out of chernarus, and find civilization, if it exists anymore.
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