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  1. Born on the southside of Brooklyn, New York he saw death all through out his child hood. Drive-bys and assassinations were a daily occurrence in Brandon's life. The local coked up old head (OG) gave a 8 year old Brandon a Glock-23 with a extended magazine and directed him to shoot a rival gang leader. Brandon got the job done with stunning accuracy and little to no help. LaMont "Sick" Washington only sent Brandon as a "crash test dumby" and didnt expect the git (Gangster In Training) to get the job done. Due to how young Brandon was, LaMont decided he was going to use the git as a quick and ea
  2. Vassilis was born in [Redacted],Russia but his family along with him moved to the U.S. when he was 7 years old. A close friend of the family would watch Vassilis while the parents were at work. At some point [Redacted] began to torture Vassilis physically and mentally while his parents were at work. Telling Vassilis that he would die if he snitched."He [Vassilis] pulled a kitchen knife out of his waist band and stabbed [Redacted] in the throat and face area a total of 78 times" - source (Lane Parkway Local News 1993) Vassilis was sent to a juvenile criminally insane "ward" 3 months
  3. Backstory: The first time Nikolai heard a gunshot, he was terrified. Ears ringing with a frequency he would never hear again. The brave and gallant RAC soldiers were in the process of raiding one of Nikolai's neighbors. Apparently they were CDF sympathizers who were holding secret meetings at various locations in talks of gathering support and eventually striking at government entities. Nikolai's parents had been killed in a grocery store by a planted bombing 2 months prior. The few arrests that RAC had made next door piqued Nikolai's curiosity. He opened his fro
  4. Stitch.gif.30e9cd9809e4325b529943f9a5e6a26c.gif

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  5. @G_DateLR @KohlSkaal @Maybelele @Duke @Eddie @ZedLR @AlkisLR @Inferno @Marik Good to roll with you guys and see some action. Always a pleasure @IntenseGeek @Phoenix @Harvey @Lamb @Miamomoh @Kessik From River calling Mikey's death, and everything in between to the funeral. I'm happy I was part of it
  6. Pretty good day @Duke @MaybeleleLR @Eddie @Inferno @EarlBB It was a fun day rollin around. Few good laughs and strong punches @Alkis Good to finally meet you IC. Hope Whiskers doesn't run off with Martin @River I'm glad that you pulled Chad over and had that discussion. Look forward to seeing how being a co guardian goes @IntenseGeek Awesome that Chad and Michael could connect a little today. Interested to see how this plays out in the long run Sorry if I missed some of you Kings Ridge people
  7. I was in help desk with Realize for something similar for 4 hours. After that my friends helped me and we eventually figured it out. I usually wouldn't endorse letting someone log into your Steam account unless its someone you REALLY trust. Anyway this is his explanation of how he fixed my problem, hope this works. "I ended up having him let me sign in again and I overwrote his cloud data with my local files when prompted while launching. In our process, it was imperative that he not have any of his old steam cloud files on his PC. So I had him uninstall and remove dayz files from
  8. ChadLR

    The Mob

    Thanks for bringing me on, allowing me to make a few new friends and share some laughs @Ronnie It was fun while it lasted
  9. As much as I hate to say it, I agree. Farming, Hunting and Fishing should be the main sources of food. I don't think we should completely do away with canned goods at first. Maybe lower the spawn rates little by little to where eventually they are rare. That way people can get into the swing of relying on farming, hunting and or fishing. Overall I agree with this idea
  10. The Name Has Been Changed In The Story To Protect His Identity New Friend As Chad traveled around he met a new friend. A man that spoke in the 3rd person named Helios. A older man in his late 50's or early 60's Chad guessed. A slim man who seemed malnourished. "Helios collects junk and treasure alike, if you have literally any undesirables maybe we can trade?" he said to Chad with enthusiasm. Chad sat down, pulled his ski mask up and took off his ushanka. "The only thing I really need is 5.56 rounds for my rifle. How ever, I don't really have anything to tr
  11. For the past few days I've been trying to contact anyone on the open frequencies to meet new people and create potential RP story lines. Does anyone use them like that or is it just me? Just curious if I'm wasting my time trying or not....
  12. -1 from me. This being a RP server is my reasoning. Don't get me wrong, if people want the majority of Chernarus to be scared to venture into NWAF specifically, why not create a group that mainly patrols airstrip and bash (maybe a Chernarussian group) to deter people? If the rest of the community supports the idea, then lets give it a trial by all means. IMO I just think it wouldn't be a good idea. XOXO - Look forward to seeing the outcome of this poll
  13. Narration In Character As Chad switched through radio channels searching for familiar voices, he began to become upset. All the people that told him they would be there for them, are no longer answering his transmissions. "Hello? Is anyone on this frequency? This is Chad. I repeat this is Chad....". Chad muttered to himself. "What the fuck man. What is going on?". As soon as he clipped his radio back onto his backpack strap, he got hit over the head and fell to the ground. "Look what we have here boys". A unfamiliar voice said with delight. "A poor bird that has st
  14. Chad John POV - We were running north on the east coast. We arrived near Solnichny Factories when we spot a guy on the left side of the road by a bridge. He clearly see's us and takes off running towards the woods up the hill. Masonn orders the boys and I to take off after him. I trail behind from a decent distance due to the weight in my inventory. I pursued up the hill into a open field. I hear Masonn on the radio trying to talk to the man, a couple seconds later all I hear is gunfire. Masonn then says "He's dead" on the radio.
  15. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Realize is a solid person. This man tried to help me fix my DayZ for 3-4 Hours in Discord. He walked me through step by step on theories of fixing my problem. He gave multiple solutions that I didn't even think of. In the end, everything we tried did not work. This man is a stand up guy, with great patience. Thank you for trying to help me. I really appreciate it. Suggestions for improvement: Keep doing what you do. It speaks for itself.
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