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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98417-s2-combat-logging-vybor-10072019-0550 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because what we had done was not against any rule that is currently written for DayZRP. According to JimRP, who handled and solved the report, my friends and I were guilty of Abuse of Game Mechanics/Ghosting. I would like to quote the rules below: "2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend them to work. Example of exploiting is loot cycling, placing objects inside walls or other places where the object would normally not fit in, driving vehicles underwater, creating impenetrable tent walls, or intentionally using indestructible objects as shields that effectively give you invulnerability." "2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot." I would like to point out what exactly happened in this situation. I was in Vybor with Noah and Tony turned up, I greeted Tony as a situation went down with Noah and the CTF. Noah was trapped on the roof and CTF wanted to detain or arrest him. A situation happened to the south that drew me and Tony down towards Pustoshka, but after a little while we ran back up north to Vybor to find Noah still being harassed by CTF. Noah ran towards the Industrial with the CTF following him and we followed not too closely to provide backup. Noah was having network issues so he asked to relog quickly and he did. When Noah came back the CTF boys had already left and Noah decided to go seek them out to continue the RP with them, while we watched. After a short talk Noah had with the CTF he decided to initiate (which he also broadcasted his initiation over our radio frequency) so Tony and I seen a man pull a gun and shot him down, one man complied and we began to take him hostage. Noah then initiates on a guy with a green armband and after the initiation we began to get fired on by people nearby. (We had heard on the radio about a situation happening at our base in Novaya so we wanted to get there as quickly as possible) Fleeing from the situation, we run north and make our way all the way up north to Novaya, making sure to look back and make sure we're not followed the whole way, which we were not. About 40 minutes passes, we're in Novaya filling our canteens/drinking water at the water pump and once we confirm our 30 minute timer is up ("4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.") and decide to hop to Server 1 where our base is to see what is happening with the on-going situation. I would like to ask, as I am having a very hard time finding the situation, where exactly any staff might see that we abused logging into Server 1 to gain an advantage over the members in the report? After we followed the official-written rule of waiting 30 minutes to log out we joined a totally different roleplay situation and nothing ever came of the situation from the report after we escaped into the trees to the North. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would just like to state that I think it's strange that I would be punished for a rule that is not implemented or even defined yet. I would like to cite this thread here: (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98397-adaption-of-combat-logging/). Clearly a rule saying you are not allowed to switch servers while someone has active kill rights on you is not implemented and as can be seen in the thread cited above a rule like that is not even created, it's being debated by both members and staff of the community. It's very strange to punish people for a rule that isn't listed on the rule page, but also not created and being debated on a thread. Roland however has made a statement on this: "Switching servers while still having active kill rights on you is definitely not OK in a case where it looks like it was done on purpose to use game mechanics and server connections to escape the ongoing conflict. While not defined in the rules, it is strongly frowned upon and can be punished simply with an executive admin decision as either combat log, abuse of game mechanics or rule play, as to us it's clear that it goes again the fair play spirit and allows one to get away from repercussions of ones actions." I would like to state again, that we switched server not to "escape the ongoing conflict", we had already escaped the on-going conflict when we ran all the way north to Novaya and waited 40 minutes, 10 minutes over what is stated in the "Combat Logging" rule. I would also like to say that even the members in the report state that they chased someone to "South Barracks" in North-West Airfield who apparently logged out when they got to him, this was not one of us and further proves that they had totally lost us by the time 40 minutes had passed as we were no where near them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my points and temporary ban removed. What could you have done better?: I'm not sure what we could have done better. We followed the official rules to the letter and I don't understand how I was punished for a potential rule that is currently being debated in Ryan Shepard's Thread. I'd like to state that I understand how grey areas in the rules can be complicated to apply to different situations, however I think with the entire situation, what was said by both sides in the report and position logs at the times we logged out (along with how we did not continue the firefight from the report after switching servers therefore did not gain an advantage), this situation should be clear in that we were just following the rules as they are currently written and not trying in any way to gain an advantage. Thank you.
  2. Maaz Walid was born in a U.S. Military installation known as Camp Darby in Italy. His father George Schwarzott was a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army. His mother Bethany Schwarzott was a paramedic. Maaz was given the name Jake Schwarzott at birth. Maaz never got along with other kids and tended to avoid social interaction. When his mother would go to her friends house she would take Maaz with to play with her friends son's. The brothers were 11,13 years old and Maaz was 9. They would bully Maaz, calling names and hitting him. When Bethany would ask why Maaz was crying, they would make up lies and say "He hit his head on something". One day when Maaz was at drawing in the brothers room, the 13 year old put his hand on the paper Maaz was drawing on. Maaz got very angry and stabbed the pencil into the kids hand. After Beth spanked Maaz she asked if he felt sorry for what he did. To which Maaz answered "He deserved it" with a emotionless look on his face. Beth took Maaz to a therapist in the military camp to have him evaluated. After the first session alone, the therapist chalked it up to a simple revengeful act of a misbehaving child. The only thing the therapist thought was concerning was the fact Maaz didn't feel guilty or sad for stabbing a pencil into the other kids hand. When Maaz was 12 years old, the U.S. Army relocated his father and the family to another military installation in N'Djamena, Chad. The U.S. Army needed more combat medics for the counter terrorism units in Chad. Beth took a interest in humanitarian organizations in the local area. One day Maaz and Beth were with a humanitarian group going to give food and basic medical care to a village south of N'Djamena. The humanitarian group was ambushed by Boko Haram, the humanitarian armed escorts were all killed. Maaz was hugging his mother as the other people from the group were being rounded up like cattle. One member from the attacking party snatched Maaz up by the arm as he cried out for his mother. The attackers made Maaz watch as they killed everyone including his mother in a hail of gunfire. A few guys in Boko Haram spoke english and asked him his name. Maaz answered in a terrified tone, "Jake Schwarzott". The man slapped 13 year old Maaz in the face and told him that will no longer be his name, for Allah has other plans for him. One of the men who spoke english said "My name is Alkhassim Naseeb, Allah will guide you for now. You will be a instrument for him and aid your new brothers in the battle with the infidels". Alkhassim converted Jake Schwarzott into a Sunni Muslim and gave him the name Maaz Walid Abdul. Alkhassim would train Maaz styles of fighting, taught him how to shoot, how to behead somebody, helped him learn Chadian Arabic and read the Quran. Maaz was formed into a formidable fighter by the time he was 15. The U.S. forces were over whelming all the local Boko Haram outposts. Alkhassim was killed in a retreat. New leadership did not like Maaz and sent him to Sudan, where he took a plane with other child soldiers to Chernarus. His fellow brothers conversed on the plane and they came up with a theory that we were going to a country that was weak in government with a lot of rioting and corruption. When the plane landed we were escorted by fellow brothers to a local outpost in the forest south west of Novaya Petrovka. Most of the time Maaz and the other child soldiers would scout police and military movements in Novaya, and other surrounding cities. One day at the outpost, a group of people approached the camp, Maaz tripped running to grab his gun and hit his head on a tree stump which knocked him out. He wakes up in the forest to see everyone is dead around him, and he begins to loot the camp. Realizing that no one is going to save him, or help him. He begins his new life trying to survive.
  3. I was not called in but I was with Noah and Tony. Chad John POV- Noah and I wanted to get into the PD so we went to the 3rd floor of the school next to it. Jump down the the 2nd floor ledge where we jump on the brick wall and then over the wooden fence boom we are in. I jump off the roof over the wooden fence. Tony comes into town, we here gunshots to the south and take off towards them. Noah radios me and says he's off the roof but CTF is attempting to apprehend him. Tony and I get to the CTF shop where the 2 guys try to close the gate to trap Noah inside. He ran out before the gate closes down the street to Industry. CTF guys chase him, me and Tony loosely trail behind. Noah relogs, radios me asking "Where did they go?". I tell him they left. He says "I'm going to talk to them in private, set up nearby just in case". Tony and I get on top of a industry building. Noah shows up in view and initiates because they took too long to process him. 1 CTF guy pulls his gun and he gets dropped. The other guy complies at first. Noah and I take off running to leave, I see the other CTF guy started chasing us with his gun out because he started shooting zeds. I turn around and try to flank, Tony drops him. As we go to meet up to leave finally. We see 1 guy approach coming from the side of industry. Noah says "Put your hands up". We then receive gun fire from industry, I disperse to take cover, Tony shoots 1 time and radios "I got him". I come back and Noah is telling the guy that is complying to "Wait 3 minutes after we leave to pick your gun up". Noah, Tony and I FINALLY regroup north of Vybor in a barn. We fix shoes and other clothing items. Then head north along the NWAF wall. We got to Novaya train station and logged to S1.
  4. Chad John POV- I was inside of Chips facility when the Time initiated on everyone inside of the camp through a megaphone. The man speaking on the megaphone said something like "Everyone inside, come out with your hands up or we will come in and kill you". Some one inside the camp replied through a megaphone of their own and told the Time it wasnt going to work that way. A short time later (15-30 mins maybe) someone started firing. We were in defensive positions holding angles anticipating the attack. On and off gun fire continued from both sides for a good while. It started getting dark and I didnt have NVGs so I made my way into an apartment building. I heard Chip telling who ever was still alive "You need to make your demands or leave". Shortly after I heard someone open the apartment door entrance and run up the stairs. I opened fire on the man (he had his gun out) and killed him. Another stranger entered and asked "Are there any allies in here?" and I said "Whats your name?" and after exchanging names he left the building. Next person rushed the stairs, I opened fire and I was killed.
  5. Chad had a rich oil tycoon for a father. He saw how self centered and arrogant his dad was and didn't want anything to do with that. Chad started hunting deer when he was 14 years old and slowly began to enjoy time in the outdoors. He had grown up in mansions and serviced by butlers, but he decided he didn't want to live a life like that. He asked his father to hire outdoors men to teach him how to do things from starting a fire to cook, to making makeshift shelter out of their surroundings. After years of camping and hunting, Chad was ready to move off the gird. When he told his dad, his father shunned him from anything that has to do with the outdoors. Instead, his father sent him to Chernarus on a "vacation" to show him that living on the grid was better.
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