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  1. Young boy, just finished in the danish military. Choose to travel to Chenarus to meet a friend that he met years ago on holiday. They both liked weapons, and that was one of the reasons he went. They spent days on the shooting range and this evolved to a even bigger friendship. Everyday was a new adventure. Then one day, sirens went off as they drove through Berezino. Ambluances and police cars went right past them southgoing. Never has there been any big trouble in the land, and turned on the radio to find information. Suddenly a broadcast sounded from the speakers. "Это ваша система аварийного вещания, это не тест. Новые болезни распространяются по всей земле. Оставайтесь внутри, не вступайте в контакт ни с кем снаружи. Люди больны ..." It was a emergency broadcast system informing a new illnes. That people were deadly sick. This was the moment Steven had to grow from a boy to a man.
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