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  1. On the outskirts of Krasnodar, Russia, Vanya was born into a farming family. The first thing he can remember is helping out on the wheat farm even before he was a teenager. His father worked up from sun up to sun down, not allowing Vanya to have any free time to play with the children across the street. Occasionally, with the permission of his father, his mother would take Vanya on camping trips across the border to Chernarussia. On every one of these trips, Vanya felt freedom and relief from his overbearing father. Therefore, whenever the opportunity came for him to escape at the age of 18, Vanya took it. He heard of a civil war beginning in Chernarus and knew of some Ethnic Russian friends he had met while on the camping trips. Vanya grabbed a backpack filled with supplies, left his father and that farm, and headed across the border to Chernarus Vanya joined his friends as part of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ). He enjoyed the excitement and purpose he got from the violence and mission. Soon after the ChDKZ victory, Vanya decided to stay in country, as he had found a place he belonged. He admired the leadership of Gregori Akula Lopotev and joined the Republic Army of Chernarus. He developed the bonds with many brothers in arms through the bravery and courage during the Civil War. As a member of the 34th Infantry Battallion, Vanya eventually arose to the rank of Sergeant. He oversaw the operations of a Squad of Soldiers as the virus began threatening Chernarus. Now, with his Squad of Soldiers, he helped run the Vybor Evacuation Camp.
  2. New name, cause no one calls me Chocolate Man in this community anyways. 


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    @Fae exposed

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    DayZRP 20.5.1

    Awesome stuff right here! Can't wait to see it around.
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  5. I’m still playing. Been playing more ever since the lore wipe was announced. People that have stuck around have some great storylines and are there for the RP, not the gear. RP has been advancing quicker and in a more exciting manner due to the knowledge of a lore wipe happening. I’m as excited about discovering the conclusion of this current lore as I am for the start of the next lore thanks to @Brayces.
  6. After Rolle locked down the location, the other groups, including some of our members (King’s Ridge), left Livonia after GMs reset their location. About a week later, from my understanding, Rolle made the GMs change the locations of everyone back. Then, after these other groups had left the sever all together, Rolle announced that you could now switch locations with a three month cool down. The members of King’s Ridge, with IC reason, RP’d out our preparation over a couple days, then requested permission from Rolle for our group to switch locations, explaining why. With his approval, he allowed us to switch. I’m sure if these other groups would’ve stuck around and waited for location locking to open up and had an IC reason to switch, Rolle would’ve approved their group moving as well.
  7. During my first week here I was tortured by the Toymakers, in which I watched @Malthis's eye fall out and @Fae's nail be removed. The RP with that group was by far some of the best I had and made me know this community would be home.
  8. Appreciate it @KohlSkaal. We’ve had a great time with you and appreciate you always having our back.
  9. The day prior, we had an interaction with some bandits taking part of our group hostage, you will see hitlogs for this, where I got hit. Many of the King's Ridge members were hostage and the rest headed to the Prison as a stronghold. At this time, we only had a couple codelocks on the front gates. Some members grabbed a bunch of random codelocks within storage and started placing them on the other unlocked front gates, not paying attention to the codes as they were putting them on. When we arrived to the prison on the 10th, we could not get into the prison, assuming the reason was because some members had placed random codelocks on the gate. Once inside on the 10th, we discovered some codes on the inside of the prison were still ours, able to access the courtyard and armory without obstruction. We had no knowledge that the Rangers had come in, broken down all the codelocks on the front gate we had randomly put on, and put on their own. Throughout the entire time after our siege, seizure of the prison, and declaration of our now ownership of the Prison both IC and OOC, the Rangers never made any attempt IC or OOC to reach out to us stating that they wanted the prison back. Any time we met any of them at the prison, we expelled them, stating it was ours. Furthermore, before RP'ing out the burning of the weapons and equipment, we offered Dannon Robin @dannon and John Newkin @David Wood the ability to grab anything they wanted, thinking we were giving back to the community and not the Rangers, as we did not know they were Rangers when we met them in the prison after questioning.
  10. Link to the situation: Help Desk Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Helped me in the help desk after I had spawned within sight of my recently deceased body. He was able to put up with myself, @Duke, and @Marik memeing around after an exciting encounter. Stayed cool, calm, and collected. 10/10 Suggestions for improvement: You're killing it
  11. Link to the situation: Help Desk Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Was extremely helpful in the help desk, moderating a talk between two parties in a report. Maintained professionalism and asked all the right questions in order to figure out exactly what was going on. 10/10 would recommend. Suggestions for improvement: Keep it up!
  12. Hello staff team, welcome to Jet Anderson’s POV: (Given permission by @Para to post) I will try to go in chronological order and address everything before and after each situation to better provide context for the staff team. For simplicity the following colors represent the following groups: King's Ridge (blue), Rangers (green), Allies (yellow) 03 May 2020 King’s Ridge have lived in Gliniska for a while. The Rangers came down from the Prison into town looking for members of the King’s Ridge to talk to us about some issues they had at us. The few of us that were in town left and attempted to reach out to them to settle this over the radio, as it looked like they were there to kill. They tortured Mikey @IntenseGeek, who was left in the town, to try to find out where we were. We eventually came back to town, talked to Director Williams @Ag Williams and Agak @agak for about an hour, and worked through our problems. 05 May 2020 We receive the following radio messages: Following the message from Agak @agak, I radio Mikey @IntenseGeek asking if he is okay. I hear no response from him. Kessik Bayev @Kessik, an ally of ours, goes up to the prison to investigate. He hears Mikey @IntenseGeekinside begging for his life and informs us of this information. Now was the time to act. King’s Ridge and allies rally together under a common goal of rescuing Mikey and ensuring the Rangers could not use this fortress to hold further prisoners. Late 05 May and into 06 May we siege the prison, building watchtowers in order to infiltrate around their 8+ gate hallways. During building, we are initiated on by multiple Rangers and return fire. We proceed to reinitiate on the entire compound multiple times throughout the raid and clearance of the prison in order to ensure we have rights on everyone inside, since they are not an approved group. We offer them multiple chances to surrender and turn over Mikey to us so that we can leave. No one complies. Following the complete seizure of the prison, Mikey’s unfortunate passing, and the discovery that the Rangers had a cabinet full of human meat, we knew we had to prevent the cannibalistic Rangers from utilizing the Prison as a fortress. Duke @Duke reached out to their leader, Director Williams @Ag Williams, OOC, to ensure this was okay. And proceeded to make the following radio message IC. We informed the Rangers that the prison was now ours and they were not to return, welcoming everyone to the bountiful loot located within the Prison. 06 May 2020 Sammy @Unii Husky @HuskyBB, and Olivia @KorhaBB are at the Prison and notice the Rangers lurking around, presumably getting in through the watchtower we had yet to take down. The Rangers get initiated on and get killed. We have further asserted our control over the prison. 07 May 2020 We have a meeting with Captain Krieger @Truemonkh, the leader of the Final Order in Gliniska and become allies. They promise to bring Agent Johnson to us because he admitted that he was the one that killed Mikey. We still have control of the prison, not seeing and Rangers around all day. 08 May 2020 We had a run in with some bandits (not associated with the Rangers), some members getting taken hostage, and we fell back to the Prison, using it as a stronghold. We still have control of the prison and have not seen the Rangers around. 09 May 2020 King’s Ridge has decided to leave Livonia to Chernarus for lore reasons. Due to this, we go to the prison, which we still own and have not seen the Rangers at for 3 days, and stock up on supplies for our journey. We grab car batteries, radiators, ammunition, weapons, food, and anything else we would need for the long journey. IC, we do not want the weapons and equipment to fall into the wrong hands, specifically the people we were leaving Livonia for (lore people). Therefore, Emerson @Harvey, and myself go into the prison undisturbed. As we are piling all the weapons and equipment together, two individuals who are not King’s Ridge show up. We hold one of them up. I discovered after this report went up that this individual was Dannon Robin @dannon. We questioned him for around 20 minutes. He stated that he had been held prisoner there by the Rangers since before our siege. He never identified himself as a Ranger and after our investigation, we released him. The other individual, John Newkin @David Wood we already knew, and told him to head out. Apparently both of these individuals were part of the Rangers, but we had no IC knowledge that they were, nor did they inform us that they were. John Newkin @David Wood, the other ‘Ranger’ present, keeps making new characters after his last ones are PKd that apparently keeps being a part of the Rangers despite no character backstory leading to believe so. This is a complete lie and Dannon Robin @dannon and John Newkin @David Wood should confirm this. We had Dannon Robin @dannon hostage for about 20 minutes questioning him about why he was there, having him speak into the radio to Captain Krieger @Truemonkh to see if he recognized his voice. We asked Dannon Robin why he was there, what involvement he had with the Rangers, and explained to him why we were ridding this place of all of the equipment and weapons. We spoke to John Newkin asking him questions as well. @Phoenix brought him away and talked to him asking if everything was okay because he was a kid. He even says, admitting to RP occuring, Other members from the Rangers complimenting our RP Emerson @Harvey and I RP out us burning up the equipment and weapons, and then leave the prison unobstructed. We then receive word from Captain Krieger @Truemonkh, that he is having a meeting with Agent Johnson and will deliver him to us. We arrive at the Final Order’s base, RP with Agent Johnson, then execute him after PK rights were given. We make it back to Gliniska and the following radio transmission is heard. The Rangers had our friend, Kayden @IntenseGeek hostage and he had told us he was going to Brena. We then receive the following radio transmission from our friend. We arrive, try to RP the release of Kayden @IntenseGeek for about five minutes, but they will not let him go. Sammy @Uniiinfiltrates into the police station, gets initiated on, kills the individuals inside, and we have achieved our goal. We reach out to the Rangers on discord, explaining the situation, how we knew where they were, and why we had rights on them. The Rangers still proceeded to ignore all the evidence we provided them, kicked Sammy @Uniifrom the discord, and post the report with false information saying we had no IC knowledge, even after we had provided the evidence to them. @David Wood even said: Yet, here we are. King's Ridge then leaves for Chernarus. I reached out to @dannon to hopefully discus this report, even stating he could keep it open if he wanted to. However, he did not even want to talk.
  13. When Helicopters get added to DayZ

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  14. You can hop into the help desk on Discord and a GM will be able to let you know.
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