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  1. No, I enjoy how easy it is to break into bases right now. People should not be able to hoard 10+ tents with hundreds of guns in them. I have seen more people out and about instead of worrying about their 100 M4s their grandfather all passed down to them.
  2. Amazing work by our dev team. You guys are amazing and can have my infinite supply of fake internet points.
  3. It looks like a child drew them. But a child who is really good at art.
  4. First you said this: And now this: Uhhh.... I'm confused even more now.
  5. I'm really confused where this question is coming from, as you are a direct example of this system you are suggesting being used.
  6. I’m unsure what you’re confused about and what you find confusing about the rules. They are explained well within the rules page stating exactly when you gain attacking or defending rights. Like you said in your example, everyone who is not in an approved group has to initiate, nothing confusing about that. If someone who is not in an approved group doesn’t initiate they don’t have rights on you, and you don’t have rights on them.
  7. Going to say no. See no reason to add another mod just to make the game slightly easier. The challenge of the 'infected' make the game more fun.
  8. On the outskirts of Krasnodar, Russia, Vanya was born into a farming family. The first thing he can remember is helping out on the wheat farm even before he was a teenager. His father worked up from sun up to sun down, not allowing Vanya to have any free time to play with the children across the street. Occasionally, with the permission of his father, his mother would take Vanya on camping trips across the border to Chernarussia. On every one of these trips, Vanya felt freedom and relief from his overbearing father. Therefore, whenever the opportunity came for him to escape at the age of 18, Vanya took it. He heard of a civil war beginning in Chernarus and knew of some Ethnic Russian friends he had met while on the camping trips. Vanya grabbed a backpack filled with supplies, left his father and that farm, and headed across the border to Chernarus Vanya joined his friends as part of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ). He enjoyed the excitement and purpose he got from the violence and mission. Soon after the ChDKZ victory, Vanya decided to stay in country, as he had found a place he belonged. He admired the leadership of Gregori Akula Lopotev and joined the Republic Army of Chernarus. He developed the bonds with many brothers in arms through the bravery and courage during the Civil War. As a member of the 34th Infantry Battallion, Vanya eventually arose to the rank of Sergeant. He oversaw the operations of a Squad of Soldiers as the virus began threatening Chernarus. Now, with his Squad of Soldiers, he helped run the Vybor Evacuation Camp.
  9. New name, cause no one calls me Chocolate Man in this community anyways. 


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      Chocolate... I never got a bite anyways. 😛

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      Don't lie, we all know you changed your name because you ODed on chocolate and now hate it.

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      Finally xD

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      Okay Dex

  10. Capture.PNG.8cbd896b33610d609f829d6dfd0dc79e.PNG

    @Fae exposed

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  11. ItsJet

    DayZRP 20.5.1

    Awesome stuff right here! Can't wait to see it around.
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      why are you the way that you are GIF

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      who's fae?


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  12. I’m still playing. Been playing more ever since the lore wipe was announced. People that have stuck around have some great storylines and are there for the RP, not the gear. RP has been advancing quicker and in a more exciting manner due to the knowledge of a lore wipe happening. I’m as excited about discovering the conclusion of this current lore as I am for the start of the next lore thanks to @Brayces.
  13. After Rolle locked down the location, the other groups, including some of our members (King’s Ridge), left Livonia after GMs reset their location. About a week later, from my understanding, Rolle made the GMs change the locations of everyone back. Then, after these other groups had left the sever all together, Rolle announced that you could now switch locations with a three month cool down. The members of King’s Ridge, with IC reason, RP’d out our preparation over a couple days, then requested permission from Rolle for our group to switch locations, explaining why. With his approval, he allowed us to switch. I’m sure if these other groups would’ve stuck around and waited for location locking to open up and had an IC reason to switch, Rolle would’ve approved their group moving as well.
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