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  1. Moe's got ranch yet?

    1. Elrod






  2. ItsJet

    DayZRP 21.1.1

    Yep, it is now gone as per this post:
  3. Had some amazing roleplay today with @sinikas. The medical RP was 10/10 and it was great that he responded to a radio call and traveled to come help. He knew his medical terminology, and if you're not actually involved in some type of medical work IRL, I'd be surprised. Again, it was great!
  4. Medical RP with @Bandsawbob @Human @sinikas @K2U on @The Preacher was great! @BeanMama maybe today we won't cry? @Panda thanks for letting us bloody up your parka
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  6. Going back to work after two weeks off 


    1. Lettuce


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  7. Server and location: Namalks - Vorkuta - School Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:43 UTC Your in game name: Jet Anderson Names of allies involved: @ImFrosty @Spess for my initiation, not sure who for the other initiation, logs will show who killed the other person. Name of suspect/s: Unsure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video below, audio did not record Detailed description of the events: Three guys walk into our school, at least one of them with their gun out looking sketchy. We talk to them for a while to figure out who they are. One of them says 'Vlad, it's time' and tries to walk away. We question what he meant, but they do not say much and try to run off. They are split up into two groups. The one guy by himself (in the video) and two guys outside the school. Three people initiate on the guy inside the school. He pulls out a grenade, unpins it, and begins to run. We shoot him down, his grenade killing me. Approximately 6-8 people initiate on the 2 guys outside, one of them goes noncompliant, gets shot, dies. The other complies.
  8. One of the few people who can take my shit and give it right back I can't be mean to you today, but just wait until boxing day!
  9. I've had more fun on Namalsk than on Chernarus. It's nice to be able to run across the map in less than an hour and visit different communities. It's also just big enough to allow people to run their own communities.
  10. Thanks for your leadership while it lasted @UniiLR Had a lot of fun in this group.
  11. Yes, I love to be styling while I PVP RP. Add more durability to sneakers.
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