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  1. ItsChocolateMan

    Deer Isle shutdown

    Deer Isle was fun while it lasted. A second Chernarussian server would be great though.
  2. ItsChocolateMan

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Fae

    When you don't get chosen to be a part of the dungeon nipple pinching
  3. ItsChocolateMan

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    • Randy

    I hear you're a weeb

    1. Fae



  4. ItsChocolateMan

    Halloween Pack Items

    Spooky, spooky, spooky, spooky, spooky, TROIPICAL, spooky, spooky awesome work!
  5. ItsChocolateMan

    Spawning in with a knife.

    Like @Voodoo stated above, picking a model is not unreliable. When you die, just exit, and switch to the right model. If you spawn in as the wrong model, it’s entirely your fault. People will abuse the knife to try and get a good spawn, just like they abused the flare.
  6. ItsChocolateMan

    Organised Safezone

    On your first point, a safe zone does not make RP sense and will not create more RP. It is just going to create awkward situations where people act in a way where they are protected by the rules. On your second point, I have interacted with almost all of the current groups, and yes they engage in hostile situations when necessary, but they also provide a lot of good non-hostile RP. I have RP'd with Anarchy, Vultures, Dalsi Stranka, New Hope, Odezva, Redwood, and the Runners all in non-hostile ways with really good quality roleplay (never interacted with Undaunted). I'm not sure what you are doing differently, but all of these groups have great RP. Provide good RP and you will reap good RP. If you really think this "good hostile roleplay" is indeed bad or there isn't any good non-hostile roleplay, then make some of your own and I promise you will (most of the time) receive good RP back.
  7. ItsChocolateMan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was a blast hanging out until I got yeeted by the car lol.
  8. ItsChocolateMan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Was fun. Even though you all took me the complete opposite way I wanted to go, I stayed for that good RP
  9. ItsChocolateMan

    S1: invalid Kill in Guglovo - 10/13/2019 20:26 (server)

    Server and location: S1; Guglovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20:26 Your in game name: Jet Anderson Names of allies involved: Ivan Bernarus Name of suspect/s: Uzi Tzafir @Senore Dogg Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Enemy Black BMW Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had just logged back in and was hanging out in Guglovo. Heard someone get in Ivan's car. Ran around the corner to see who it was. Ivan asked why he was in his car. I started to ask him a question as he took off. I attempted to back away and was run over and killed.
  10. ItsChocolateMan

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    Awesome interview. Always excited when I see you.
  11. ItsChocolateMan

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    1. Fae


      pew pew finger guns GIF

      you know it baby 😉


    2. Randy



    3. Fae


      reese witherspoon no GIF

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  12. ItsChocolateMan

    Tougher and roaming infected

    If you notice, infected only spawn in places where people are close by to keep the server lag down. I'm afraid if we have hoards of 50+ infected just roaming around outside the render distance of players, it could really hinder the server's performance, as we already have problems with the way it is now. But hey, I guess don't knock it till you try it. Just have to be weary of what could happen.
  13. ItsChocolateMan

    Racism in game.

    If racism is being used in a "BadRP" or "TrollRP" way, reach out to them and/or report them.
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  15. ItsChocolateMan

    The Coalition

    Good luck! Excited to see how this grows!
  16. ItsChocolateMan

    New around here

  17. ItsChocolateMan



    1. Roman


      Always wanted to RP as Jimmy Fallon and now I can. #Bless

    2. ItsChocolateMan


      Just call yourself Fimmy Jallon and you're fine. 

  18. ItsChocolateMan

    What weapon do you prefer?

    I like using an M4 against the infected, but the infected always pull out the invisible wall card and I end up dying.
  19. ItsChocolateMan


    Oh hey there
  20. ItsChocolateMan

    (rule change) Runs in to active fire fighting

    This report I was involved in shines a little bit of hope. Even though OP did not hear the initiation, he knew one had happened and showed a hostile action, which would have led to me being not guilty in shooting him. It is slightly different than the aforementioned scenarios, but does show that staff does take into consideration the entire situation.
  21. ItsChocolateMan

    (rule change) Runs in to active fire fighting

    I completely agree with what you're saying, but given the rules as the way they are now, someone could report and the accused could get hit with invalid kill. It could go either ruleplay against OP or invalid kill against the accused.
  22. ItsChocolateMan

    Interview With A Community Member: Fae

    Just confirms you're level 600 weird.
  23. ItsChocolateMan


    I accidentally bought Gluten Free spaghetti


    1. Fae


      Don't be upsetti 

      have some spaghetti

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    Welcome new, I am chocolate
  25. ItsChocolateMan

    Will we be expecting Winter Chernarus 2019?

    Love the winter months. Time to make a Chernarussian snowman.
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