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  1. Had a blast with @Unii and @Korha moon walking across the railroad tracks!
  2. @Blisna enjoyed you going on an adventure with us. Hope we get to hang out more soon
  3. Jet Anderson POV: Outside the clinic in Sitnik. This gas mask guy ( @vinnyblingbling ) walks into the clinic, and I head inside to make sure he doesn't go into the room where some of the King's Ridge medical are doing fancy medical stuff in a room. I start talking to the guy, and I give him some medication because he is sick. I go back outside to talk to everyone there. I eventually go back in when a new guy walks up to make sure he again doesn't go into the medical room. The gas mask guy talks some more, offering a silencer. I go back outside and hang out with King's Ridge and others for approximately 10 minutes . River and I walk off down the road to go talk in a house. We both hear Myles Johnson, @GDate, talking outside. River and I look outside and see the gas mask guy again. RIver and I are confused as to why his mouth is somehow now sewn shut. River and I see him walk away so we go back to talking.
  4. Jet Anderson POV: Showed up to the Soup Kitchen to visit Lil @FaeRP. We went to her cabin and were organizing her stuff for a bit. After a bit, we walked out, locked the place up, and saw a fight between Cameron @CameronJW and John @Jackfish. We try to break it up. Cameron threatens John saying you keep doing that...I'll go to my base, get my weapons, come and kill you....I will end your life. Lil slings a big ol' beanbag round in the air and shuts everyone up. Cameron leaves. John asks someone for an M4, gets one, and goes to find Cameron. John can't find him so we all go back to the Soup Kitchen. John asks for some clothes so he can change how he looks. I "look through my bag" (spawn clothes in) and give him some clothes to change his look. Cameron shows back up looking for John. We talk to Cameron for a bit until John gets an M4 again and blasts John in the face, ending his life.
  5. ItsChocolateMan

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Fae: Jay Jay the Jet Plane
  6. Saturday or Sunday works great. I definitely like the idea of having RP on top of the event, instead of just going into a PvP prison break.
  7. @Craig you're a beautiful man. Thank you and the rest of the Lore Masters for this masterpiece.
  8. Please, this would make life so much easier. CodeLockRP is not fun
  9. Excited for winter and all the new stuff! Great work dev team
  10. This would be great. Then @Magpie will have something to show off all his shinies with!
  11. This will definitely help with people berating the person who wrote the warning and show transparency to everyone.
  12. *a Chernarussian voice fills your radio* "Here to help? Just like the last five time you were here and failed to do anything but take our weapons and leave your trash. Can't wait to show you your way out" *Radek shakes his head and releases the PTT*
  13. Sounds cool at first, but this would limit the roleplay on the server. One of the good things about random spawnpoints, is that when you die, you get to experience new parts of the map, and are not just secluded in an area roleplaying with the same people.
  14. Furry


    1. FaeRP



      gayboy ❤️


  15. Deer Isle was fun while it lasted. A second Chernarussian server would be great though.
  16. When you don't get chosen to be a part of the dungeon nipple pinching
  17. I hear you're a weeb

    1. FaeRP



  18. Spooky, spooky, spooky, spooky, spooky, TROIPICAL, spooky, spooky awesome work!
  19. Like @Voodoo stated above, picking a model is not unreliable. When you die, just exit, and switch to the right model. If you spawn in as the wrong model, it’s entirely your fault. People will abuse the knife to try and get a good spawn, just like they abused the flare.
  20. On your first point, a safe zone does not make RP sense and will not create more RP. It is just going to create awkward situations where people act in a way where they are protected by the rules. On your second point, I have interacted with almost all of the current groups, and yes they engage in hostile situations when necessary, but they also provide a lot of good non-hostile RP. I have RP'd with Anarchy, Vultures, Dalsi Stranka, New Hope, Odezva, Redwood, and the Runners all in non-hostile ways with really good quality roleplay (never interacted with Undaunted). I'm not sure what you are doing differently, but all of these groups have great RP. Provide good RP and you will reap good RP. If you really think this "good hostile roleplay" is indeed bad or there isn't any good non-hostile roleplay, then make some of your own and I promise you will (most of the time) receive good RP back.
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