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  1. ItsChocolateMan

    Leaving on a Jet Plane

    Fae: Jay Jay the Jet Plane
  2. Saturday or Sunday works great. I definitely like the idea of having RP on top of the event, instead of just going into a PvP prison break.
  3. @Craig you're a beautiful man. Thank you and the rest of the Lore Masters for this masterpiece.
  4. Please, this would make life so much easier. CodeLockRP is not fun
  5. Excited for winter and all the new stuff! Great work dev team
  6. This would be great. Then @Magpie will have something to show off all his shinies with!
  7. This will definitely help with people berating the person who wrote the warning and show transparency to everyone.
  8. *a Chernarussian voice fills your radio* "Here to help? Just like the last five time you were here and failed to do anything but take our weapons and leave your trash. Can't wait to show you your way out" *Radek shakes his head and releases the PTT*
  9. Sounds cool at first, but this would limit the roleplay on the server. One of the good things about random spawnpoints, is that when you die, you get to experience new parts of the map, and are not just secluded in an area roleplaying with the same people.
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    Hi ❤️

    1. ItsChocolateMan



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