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  1. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Why is this foreigner being kind? Is she trying to deceive him, or does she genuinely care? Radek ponders to himself, staring at the granola bar offered to him. He removes his glove and reaches for it, looking her in the eye. He grabs it and places it in his pocket. “Phoenyxx, there’s no need to worry or tense up, I’m not here to hurt you.” He slowly and regrettably slings his rifle on his back. He watches her closely, looking for any signs of agitation or hostility. Radek knew slinging his rifle would make him more vulnerable, but he needed someone on his side in this moment. “I’ve seen the names, all of them. Some circled, other crossed out. Holic Bolin, my bratyr who mysteriously disappeared a month back, had a strike through his name. I expect only the worst.” Radek continues on, deliberately changing the subject, attempting to ignore the thought of his dead friend. “Ruski military, I was surprised as well to see them here already.” He hesitates for a moment. Should he trust her and tell her the truth? Or lie, knowing she could use his honesty against him. Just reveal a little, and see what happens. “Apparently the camp was a Ruski military patrol sent here to conduct covert operations. They were utilizing the camp to conduct sabotage operations. The aspect that worries me the most is how some were dressed in civilian clothing, with their uniform in the bags. Now you can begin to understand why us Chernarussians are extremely cautious and sometimes violent around foreigners like you. We do not know who we can trust. Anyone could be an enemy," he pauses for a moment, "especially the Ruski. Most of you think we are just nationalistic assholes, but there’s a reason to it all. We’re trying to rebuild our country, and the only people we can fully trust are fellow Chernarussians.” Radek sighs, wondering if she truly understands. Radek pulls out the sheet of paper from his jacket containing his and his bratyr’s names. He runs his fingers down the names, pausing shortly at Holic, and then looks up a Phoenyxx. “They have files on everybody. These names just scratch the surface of what they know. They most likely have photos, full names, backgrounds, and relationships on us, most likely getting this information from friends they have here. Again, another reason we are skeptical of foreigners. It looks like everyone in that book, the Ruski want dead.” Radek pauses for a moment, letting the full effect of those words sink in. He looks away for a second, and then back in her eyes “Dead, each and every one of us.” He continues watching her, letting his anger seep through his words. “This is why we get furious when we see foreigners come here, build up in big cities, and sit on their asses, doing nothing to help a country in danger of losing everything and everyone.” He tenses up, clenching his fists. “They want us fucking dead! And too many people do not give a damn when we try to warn them. They play us off as violent nationalists, pissed off about unnecessary things.” He takes two deep breaths, calming himself down. His voice turns fragile, “Really, we are just trying to keep ourselves alive, like any human would do.” How many times does he have to tell them before they will listen?
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    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Radek slowly lowers his gun to the low ready, thumb still on the selector switch in case she tries anything. He narrows his eyes, looking her up and down. "Oh shit, Phoenyxx. I've heard of you, but I do not think we have met. I'm Radek." He looks around cautiously, surveying the area for any signs of her friends. Silence. She must be alone, or her friends are staying quiet. "I assume you have already seen what happened at that camp, so you can understand why I am cautious. Dead Ruski and Chedaki, and those names, all those names. I think I saw yours as I was looking through. I'm just confused. I did not know the Ruski were this far South already, and that they had all this information on us." Normally Radek would not be as courteous to a foreigner, but he needed someone he could trust right now. Someone who wasn't out to kill him "So what are you doing here?" he'd say in a stern voice.
  6. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    "Dobrý den" Radek leans down and retrieves his rifle, slinging it on his back as he begins to make the trek through the woods again, hoping for more answers. He ensure to take a diferent route this time, carefully looking for any indications of unwanted visitors Halfway to the camp, Radek notices crimson drops in the dirt. Fresh blood, still wet and evenly splattered, each a foot apart. He took interest, following the trail of blood deeper into the vast woods. Soon he came to a body, small in stature, face in the dirt. He turned the body over and gasped. The boy looked no older than 14, a gunshot wound to the chest. He must have got hit by crossfire during the secondary gunfight. Radek grabs some cloth from his bag and places it over the boy's solemn face. Radek somberly stands to his feet, walks back to the path, and continues back to the camp. Getting close to the camp, Radek hears running off in the distance. He raises his rifle towards the noise, locking his eyes on a stag rushing through the woods. Unusually, he would note, deer normally only run if they are getting away from something. He continued to scan through his scope when he heard distinctive footsteps towards a nearby tree. Radek points the barrel of his gun towards the tree and yells out "Stůj! Who is there?" // @PhoenyxxRP feel free to hop in as that person.
  7. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Radek nods at the man "There was a lot of mystery surrounding it all. It looked like the bags had been sifted through when I showed up. I'm not sure what anyone else took." "I had heard rumors of a Russian invasion, but I did not know they were already conducting covert operations in our country. We could head up there and I could show you around from what I found. Maybe it is more useful to yourself and you can decipher some of the maps. And possibly we could find clues as to who appeared there first." //gotta head to bed. I'll continue tomorrow
  8. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Radek relaxes, loosening his stance as the men become more friendly. "Dobrý den, Major Kralik. It was a bloodbath at the camp. It looked like many foreigners had been killed while trying to investigate it. But within the camp, there were six Ruski and one Chedaki. It seemed like the Ruski had the Chedaki hostage and were torturing him. Very interesting. Many of the Ruski were in plain clothes, possibly attempting to blend in with the local populace, with their uniform in their bags. I found a map with 'Террористы' written above Miroslavl and another map with arrows from Russia leading to the camp. They had a list of frequencies, possibly some used by the CDF, so I would take care talking on the radio. I also found this Russian satellite phone, but cannot get it to work" Radek pulls it out of the bag and hands it to the commander "They also had a list of names. My bratyr's names were on it, and my name was on it. One of my friends, Holic Bolin, who mysteriously disappeared recently, was also on there too, with his name crossed out." Radek would show the man the sheet of paper he tore from the notebook before putting it back in his pocket. "Lastly, they had a big supply of C4, detonators, and mines. I'm not sure what their plan was. Maybe destroy a radio tower or attack a base. I was able to secure it all and hide it in a secluded place."
  9. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Radek's heart jolts as he hears a stick break behind him. Radek slowly places his rifle on the ground as the 2 men surround him. He lets out a small sigh of relief as he heard the Chernarussian accent and words. But is still cautious due to their demeanor. "Ahoj bratyr. I am Radek Novotny, former member of the CDF, serving on Jelení Ostrov. I helped quarantine the area under Major Gregorij Zadek's order. I was able to escape from the island after the quarantine was unsuccessful. I've been surviving here with my bratyr ever since. I just came from the hill, investigating the shots"
  10. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Radek Novotny opens the barrack door in Zelenogorsk as he hears helicopters off in the distance. He drowns it out, focused on finding a pair of NVGs for an operation coming soon. Shots ring in the distance. This was not ordinary gunfire. He recognizes the sound of the 30 MM cannon from a helicopter. “What the hell,” he mutters to himself. He slowly walks to the window and glances outside. He can see the shots in the distance, South toward Pavlovo. “Why is the CDF firing into its own country?” He waits in the barracks for any more shots. Silence. Then, a brisk message rings from his radio “Ano Miroslavl Tower, 6-7 RUSFOR foot mobiles mrtví, Jestřáb-2 returning to patrol path, over..” “Ruski? What are they doing this far south? Also, Miroslavl?” he whispers to himself. It had been years since he had been there. The last he remembers of Miroslavl was an attack on the base conducted by insurgents last year. Curiosity got the best of Radek as he began to cautiously head toward the shots. As he walked through the woods, more shots. It would be best to lay low until the violence ceases. One hour passes. Complete silence as the sun begins to rise in the distance, a chilly and ominous breeze cooling Radek’s face. He attentively steps through the woods, careful to remain silent as he nears the area the gunshots came from. He sees bodies all around, noticing one still barely moving. He walks up to the man, shirt drenched in blood, two bullet wounds piercing his chest. “What happened?” asks Radek. The man groans, blood dripping out of his mouth, unable to form words. Radek watches his eyes gradually lose life and him take his last breath. He continues to walk towards 3 tents he notices in the distance. A map drenched in blood lays on the ground. Radek picks it up, reading the Russian words and tosses it aside. Another map nearby. Lines from Russia toward the current location. Frequencies, how did the Ruski get these? Radek finds a satellite phone and attempts to turn it on. He pulls out the battery and replaces it with one he has in his pack and tries to turn it on again. //does it work? Going inside the tent, he sees more gruesome bodies. One wearing a Chedaki beret “Kurva, Chedaki pig.” Radek grabs the Chedaki beret and tosses it in the fire outside, watching it burn. He continues searching through bags nearby, finding a notebook, opening it to see a list of names. His bratyr's names. HIS name. His heart begins to race as confusion fills his mind. He quickly rips the page from the notebook. Searching through more bags he finds explosives, enough to take down a city. “I cannot let these fall into the wrong hands” He grabs as many bags as he can and takes off. Finding the closest lake, he buries the bags in a spot he will remember. He cannot fully process what he found. The Ruski invasion may be happening sooner than expected. Hopefully the CDF will make their presence known more often. Should he reach out to Miroslavl with information or stay silent? I should talk to my bratyr first, but not before I go back and search some more...
  11. ItsChocolateMan

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Wow Major. Absolutely love this. This will be a great addition to all of our stories. Cannot wait to see how all of this progresses.
  12. ItsChocolateMan

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Yo man, that was one of my favorite RP scenarios I have been with. I appreciate you helping create an extremely tense scenario and allowing us to further develop our storyline with you as well. When you almost shot me when I was running up (cause you were shooting infected), I wanted to reference how I shot you when I thought you were infected, but I realized that was on my other character Jet. Good times, good times. Look forward to more RP with you.
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