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  1. Yeah, I agree with all of what you have mentioned, Since I don't even own the game yet, I'm planning this all before-hand, because I really wanna structure, How I will play, What I should do, Why I should do it, Which Character I will adapt, and so on. So far I'm doing this to get experience before-hand like I said, not in the specific experience of actually playing, hence the situation that I don't yet own the game, but the result of adding experience by looking different people doing RP in YouTube and such, that's what I aim for before I jump right at this, and this is why I'm discussing such things and well I'm making my way there since that's my dream here, to achieve that, Make my own group/organization, Be known to people, And probably/possibly be a potential example for new people who joins.
  2. Yeah totally haha, I got your point too, actually I was thinking that myself too, For example whenever someone address a group with a clan I would go like: "Well this group is pretty tight (addressing the group is not a clan -IC-), not many people are in.", and so on, or just like you have mentioned, address something relative to your group, just to snap off that slight mistake.
  3. @Stagsview & @Bushseaman, I really liked the way of your approach up to this topic/discussion and I really liked the alternative gameplay/role-play display that you gave, In this case I will be more adaptive to the ones you gave and surely will be a better way of avoiding saying at all, those words, But in my case I'm wanting to do an Army-type style of militia, which I would call an Organization, because that's how I feel with that future group I plan to open. And personally giving another word like, clan, will kill it totally, For example we see the news everyday, speaking about political issues, military issues and they refer to them as organizations, not as clans etc, etc. Obviously, we see 'The Army' as a whole, not as individual, that's why my point on calling something an organization other than a clan. Like I said before it feels like using that word empowers the context of the given topic, in this case which group are you in? Few examples would be: As you can see in my example above is how the word 'Organization' could be used properly in as a whole describing an entity. In this case the army, another example Al'Qaeda is a Militarized Organization, not a Clan... If they had a sub-group belonging to them, they would be called, e.g., The White Tigers Clan of Al'Qaeda, now that's a clan. I guess if you would like to structure further more a group already, you could make, sub-groups like I explained before, which this will fall relatively under the term of 'Clans' now there is where the term should belong and where it should be acceptable for use. ------ Again these are ideas of re-structuring the current Role-play system that is available, I guess these ideas could be used for more exploration of new methods of Role-play gameplays and so on.
  4. I see and understand your point, but in this case no one is over-forcing someone else to actually change their ways of being, in terms of the group they are in, in this case I simply saw someone using a word which is usually... Let's say, Irregular, while you are role-playing, Take this 2 examples in consideration: -Example 1- [Asking - Should be Incorrect] Kelly: Hey John, why did you joined the clan of The Killers? [Answering - Should be Incorrect] John: I joined this clan because they are cool and they have weapons. -Example 2- [Asking - Should be Correct] Kelly: Hey John, why did you joined the organization/group of The Killers? [Answering - Should be Correct] John: I joined this organization/group because they are cool and they have weapons. ---------------------------- Did you see how the whole context changes the perspective of the Role-play? For me, I could think of, how using 'Organization' over 'Clan' empowers the context of the conversation, given the Role-play and the scenario.
  5. Hey guys, I'm a very enthusiastic person when it comes around the Role-Playing, and I really like to do so in a very detailed way. When I see some terms used over others I think of how this affects the gameplay and overall role-play in which the scenario is. So, I was watching this and just about when he is actually asking if the other player is on a 'Clan' or not, he actually says 'Clan', at that moment I felt thrown out of the characterization of the gameplay/role-play because of that, and now you can say, Clan is a term used to refer to a group of people together and there is nothing wrong while using that term; And that's just fine but, my point is, wouldn't be more role-play oriented that you address the term of 'Organization' which is a more elegant form and more 'Colloquial' way of introducing this into a role-play environment. As I say this I say the other part as well, I know everyone does not have the same level of detailed role-play and not everyone has the same detail of terminology, or the same level of vocabulary, specially if you are shooting a video and you have to speak flawlessly without any prior editing, I guess this is a challenge, of course but, if you have this knowledge before hand I'm guessing the role-play would be more exciting, and less misleading. I know I will get a lot of different rants/reckons/reactions over this specific discussion, but It's what I think of when it comes down to achieve a descent Role-play. Conclusion: The word 'Clan' sounded to be more OOC than IC. Even though we know he was actually Role-playing. My personal choice, it will be using 'Organization' more in-game, and using Clan/Group outside, like you have already in the forums. Again this will be my personal top choice when I start to role-play but, it will be great if other players would start adapting this too. ----------------- Can you share your opinions on this topic? I will be glad to let others participate on this too, and see how they see it from their POV.
  6. Thanks for your warm response, And I hope I get accepted as well, I really wanna start on this already
  7. Hey! people my name is Joel, I live in the United States, I had to travel from Puerto Rico, because we have to move here. I was taking a Computer Science Bachelor back in P.R. but was not able to fulfill my dream of completing it, since I had to move on. My gaming background has been pretty exciting, I come from console gaming, owned various types of console throughout my entire life, and just about the age of 10 I started transitioning onto computers, not gaming, but computers overall, I just started my way into the internet, and eventually this awesome thing called internet was my best thing around, so I decided to keep on it, and well here I am. Now I have played many games ranging from Puzzles to FPS, RPG's, MMORPG's, etc, etc. I was playing GTA-SAMP on a RolePlay server I used to play a lot! and I really loved it So that's actually from where I started to like more Roleplay games and stuff, now I see DayZ and I was like, man, if there were just a Roleplay server I could give life to Roleplaying and start flowing ideas, and searching over, I ended up here. I know this kind of Roleplay games have a tight community not so overboard because the actual number of players who really cares for doing a good composition of Roleplays are countable by the fingers of your hand, But just to show dedication and effort on this I will do my best to get my Roleplay on DayZRP. No, not yet, I haven't finished ahaha, Well I like Languages a lot, and I'm a multi-cultural guy, because I like to know about other cultures, countries, languages, and so on, So far I know Spanish, English and Portuguese, but not so much Port. Just enough to understand somethings and answer them. So if you ever need a hand just ask me. And well yeah, I have great ideas to make a portion of the game come alive and so, I was thinking in starting a Clan so I can start putting shape onto my ideas, I was thinking if we all together unite our ideas we can come up across with a great Roleplay and play together in this awesome server. So we can promote and do streamings and upload to Youtube and inspire other players and encourage them to join us ...Oh also forgot to mention I have skills in Photoshop so if you ever need a hand, I can come up with some designs or GFx if you need, of course I will start doing my own thread designs and so on, just to give life to threads and information and so on, Don't worry, you will see a lot of me soon! Note: Just to mention, I don't even own the game, but since I got all excited about it, I will be getting the Standalone soon, and will eventually get on.