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  1. KillsceamguyHP

    Operation: Yggdrasil [Livonia]

    Excited to see this develop Best of luck
  2. KillsceamguyHP

    Appeal Lying In a report- one week

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that I was honest in my attempt to give a POV to the best of my memory and what I recalled at the time of the report. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was watching the car when I saw this dude down the road Mothmanz. I had not roleplayed with anyone beyond my group circle in the last couple hours and went out of my way to approach the victim. I had punched him intentionally as logs have proven. I did not refer to logs when writing up my POV for the report I was writing my POV solely on what I remembered. The report outcome would not have changed beyond my ban had I said I did punch him intentionally before, it was not my attempt to lie I just could not remember how I ended up punching him so I decided to say it was an accident because I could not remember the Justification or if there had even been one. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reduced Points and Ban What could you have done better?: Recorded the interaction, Give a more clear cut and well thought POV.
  3. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    I did not ask a report to be taken down, I am not an irl mafia if I wanna talk that means using words. If someone wants to discuss something they do that I do not appreciate you showing your discord messages. What could be considered bad rp is being hit with an axe and not reacting to it exactly what you did after you got your "lick" back and acted like a tuff guy to a man wielding an axe. I am genuinely confused what your getting at from the beginning I threatened you with an axe and you began to fling ur fists at me. You didn't value your life and you didn't react to a axe being shoved into your body. Its also saddening that I dont even get the common decency to know why @MrMothmanz doesn't wanna talk it out, I am always willing to talk out reports and avoid putting them up as to not get anyone banned and ruin rp story lines in progress.
  4. KillsceamguyHP



  5. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    -User was warned for this post-
  6. KillsceamguyHP

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    Oh shit!
  7. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    If I may clear things up I do apologize for the confusion. The situation as I said before had been a few days and had not held any significance to us untill now. As far as I can remember this person was not approaching there body intentionally nor do I doubt he would have. He was a fresh spawn when I killed him and had been wandering houses when I spotted him the second time.
  8. KillsceamguyHP

    New Haven

    As long as you boys can be bought out and keep your mouths shut the family should have no problems with you. On a more serious note Good Luck excited to see where this goes.
  9. KillsceamguyHP

    Santino Moretti is Dead

    “May gods grace lie with you. If you need anything I am here”
  10. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    Im sorry what is not true? I did not know this was the same person if this is what your claiming. We were role playing and had genuinely no knowledge ooc or ic. As for me punching him I already told you what I know to my recollection. If based on logs I did not do that then I did not I am posting my pov based on memory. Unofortunatly I dont have video evidence so I cant review it to confirm.
  11. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    We didn't know it was the same guy at all this information has been discovered after the report went up. We brought back the new person who just so happend to be him because they sounded different and I was roleplaying showing him an example of what happens if you dont "liten" to me. As for hitting him I recall running up and accidentally swiping left click I am sorry but the situation was late at night two days ago so my recollection may be a bit faded nonetheless I am confident that what I did I am not attempting to lie just stating my recollection.
  12. KillsceamguyHP

    S2 Livonia Appeal /report

    Im confused as to what is being reported here. This OP pov is false. I ran up to a strange man in a town I planned to call my own. I did not intend to punch u but the misclick happened and I had to role play it out. I am a mafia man I will not flatly apologize for hitting a stranger that would be bad rp and unrealistic. I proceed to explain to this indavidual after they asked why they were punched that its because I am The Gambino Mafia and run the town that he showed me disrespect in by mouthing back. He then said hes going to atleast get his lick back and punches me. I punch the man back and threaten to cut his leg off with the axe if he continues. He did and then I say “stop punching me or I will kill you” and from there he continued so as to not be knocked out I swung my axe at the dude and murdered him.
  13. KillsceamguyHP

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Unfortunately my audio didn't work for this recording. Nonetheless Danny Romano does not stop for no one.
  14. KillsceamguyHP

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    cant wait to work with you
  15. KillsceamguyHP

    Invalid Kill Zalesie

    I talked it out with the suspect they understand there mistakes I feel they understand and would like to drop the report.
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