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  1. I am Steven Philip Ice or to better put it Steven Ice is Me. Steven is no ordinary man, no not at all. Steven was under witness protection prior to the whole outbreak for reasons criminal offenses in connection to a deep underground drug syndicate kept hidden from the world. His job was to negotiate deals with other businessmen across the to keep things functioning smoothly and keep the money flowing. But someone got pinched and talked so steven was the unlucky few who also got pinched. Except for Steven well, Steven has good survival instincts and figured that knowing what he knows he's got leverage to get a way out of this and that he did. When word of a virus occurred in Russia Daniel was transferred to a safe house in Munich Germany but on the boat ride over got caught in a storm right in the green sea, upon waking in the morning steven found himself naked and alone amongst growling undead those who he knew were not there to welcome him to this strange unfamiliar place. Stevens only goal now is to survive and search for a living population that he can once again assimilate into a group and bring peace to the lands of chernoaus.
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