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  1. Luna Evanska was born in the small town of Belaya Polana in Chernarus. Her mother died in child birth and her father was the only person she had left to raise her and take care of her. It was a hard life, they were merely farmers, and the only training they had was with a rifle they’d use to protect their livestock from coyotes and other predators. As soon as Luna was of age, she signed up for voluntary military service. In the army she learned more advanced weapons training as well as military-grade communications. When she’d have a break from service, she’d travel back home. During her time off, she would pass on the knowledge she had learned from her service to her father, slowly teaching him how to use more advanced weaponry and handheld radios. They’d also spend time stockpiling supplies and upgrading the basement of their farmhouse for survival if something were to happen. It was a hot, summer afternoon when the first signs of trouble came to be known. Luna was stationed at the Krasnostav air station when a desperate call came across the radio. A man’s voice crackled across the airwaves. Broken and almost unintelligible she was only able to make out a few words; “…the walkers… coming…”. She didn’t think munch of the broadcast as it wasn’t uncommon for people (like her father) to have access to the type of equipment necessary to make such a call. She became more and more uneasy as the day progressed. Several other faint calls came in over that same radio, she calculated their distance by how clearly their voices could be heard as well as the amount of interference coming through. She had already started to gather her things to make her journey home when a familiar voice came through on a frequency that only her and her father had ever used. Her heart dropped as her neighbor barely managed to speak; “They’re here. There is no hope. Luna, if you’re there, your father has been bitten. There’s nothing left for you here. Don’t come home.” Her voice trailed off as she stepped away from the radio. A faint shuffling could be heard in the background and a scream pierced the airwaves as, as far as she could tell, her father ripped into her neighbor’s throat and began to disembowel her… The days came and went. During the day she could see fires burning in the distance, and at night she could hear that same shuffling that she had over the radio. Monsters roamed the streets and fields around her. She had brought only a few supplies with her for her workday and they were running dangerously low. She would have to leave the security of her station and venture out into the night. Although her neighbor had told her not to come home, curiosity got the better of her, and the closest place for a guaranteed supply of food and other provisions was her family farm. She knew what she had to do.
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