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  1. Former college student, went to Chernarus for vacation and never came back home. worked as a volunteer firefighter for a few years. lived on a farm most of life with a brother and a sister. Went to school in a small farm town with a smaller populace. Never got into trouble or never got caught at least. Always ready to go out and adventure and see new places. Avid camper and outdoorsman with a background in firearms.I came from the United States to witness the location of the bloody 2009 civil war in person. I stayed with a friend in Nagornoe that I met online a few years ago. Everything was fine until a Russian helicopter was filmed flying into a military base close to where I was staying. The next day everyone from the towns close to the base were evacuated and the people from Nagornoe were sent south to Severograd. I don't know where the people of Kamensk went. 3 days later the Russians attacked the storage base which entailed the Chernarussians to strike back and before long there was a war in South Zagoria as riots and outbursts of violence took place. Severograd started getting attacked by what seemed like rabid soldiers trickling from what seemed to be the base that was bombed and started attacking civilians in a hospital. the next day cities were being overrun by infected because of the lack of military presence. we stayed in a school for the majority of the time where it was crowded and hot. the only time I was outside of the school was when I had to flee from the infected that had overran it. Everyone was panicking and trying to get outside as fast as possible making every exit packed and backed up to where people were crawling under one another to get out. I stayed with my friend and his family and tried to find a way out of the school. We hurried down the hall to a door that was closed firm. We didn't see any other way around and decided to try to open up only to be greeted by what seemed as countless of infected on the other side. Running from the infected my friends mother tripped and fell, my friend tried to get her up before the infected got to her but one had grabbed her leg and started ripping pieces of flesh off until nothing was left but bone. I grabbed him and ran towards the gym as the rest of the infected followed suit. As we entered the gym it was like nothing I have ever seen, blood covered the walls and floor, the room echoing with screams and cries and people running for their lives as their friends and family get ripped apart, it was a gruesome scene. my friend remembered how there used to be small windows in the locker rooms and that we could get out from there so we headed towards to locker room dodging and weaving through bodies scattered across the floor and infected knowing gnawing on them like chew toys for a dog. Entering the locker room there was no one or nothing in there, seeing the window I ran towards it to try to open it with my friend behind me. We finally managed to get the window open, I crawled through the tiny square hole poking my head and arm back though to help my friend up. I as looked up I seen an infected come from the shower in the locker room and yelled for him to hurry but before he could get up the infected had already grabbed ahold of his leg and started biting. I pulled as hard as I could to get him through the window but it was useless, he told me to just go and let go of my arm and I watched him as his body was ripped apart.
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