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  1. Hello names Jordan, not new to rp but new to DayZRP. Excited to start.
  2. My characters name is Jordan Rodriguez. He was a 21 year old male from Kabanino. Before the zombies started flooding in he had a family of 2 children and a wife. The morning of the apocalypse his wife went out to the store while he was still asleep. When he woke two hours after she left he figured she just left to go to the store. He got up and went to wake the kids up but they were gone as well. He guessed they just went to school early so he thought nothing of it. A couple hours later he got worried about his wife and tried to call her. His phone would not work so he thought since it was a small town he would try and find her. As soon as he walked out zombies started flooding him, he ran for his life forgetting his pistol in his house. He ran down the street to the local police department and shut the door behind him. He found out that nobody was inside and got a quick grasp on what is happening. He barricades himself in there until someone comes and knocks on the door screaming for help. He lets them in and after a few hours of talking he learns that the government accidently released something and it spread to the town. After that day he never found his kids or wife again. Fast forward two years later he walks the street trying to find them helping anyone who he sees.
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