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  1. Kingston's a lad that grew up in the rural parts of Alberta Canada to your average farming family, among five other sibling. Due to his upbringing he finds the great outdoors to be the most fulfilling, spending a good time of his days outside instead of indoors, which had also taught him a great deal of how to survive in it. Be it making a suitable shelter for times where he took long hikes along the country side and lost time or hunting to satiate his hunger. Allowing himself to learn to familiar himself with nature. This was most of the things he had done during his youth, but his adult life stayed quite the same, save for the career he took up which was 'lumberjacking', essentially logging. The fact that Chernarus had enriched forests, and a couple logging camps around made this a prime interest for Kingston, not only will it indulge in his love for the great out doors, but it will also give him a decent enough job. And so Kingston had done all the required actions to acquire entry and a work pass into it. During the time of the outbreak, however, Kingston used his experience and skills to live out his life nomadic inside the great forests, evading zombies, cannibals and anyone who would think to mug him. Where this story continues are left in the experiences he encounters.
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