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  1. I was previously a private military contractor (PMC) for a company based out of the United States. Anybody that needs soldiers gets in contact with the company and if the price is right, we're the ones that get sent out. In July of 2017 I received word that I would be heading to some country I had never heard of with orders to help with some sick civilians. I'm no doctor so this news was very strange to me, but the pay was damn good so I didn't question it much further. We arrived in the country and quickly realized that things were much worse than we had anticipated. There were bodies in the streets, buildings reduced to rubble from the bombs. These sick civilians we were sent to assist were more than just sick. They couldn't talk to us and didn't seem to understand any of our demands. They would just try to attack anything that moved and unfortunately we had to start shooting some of them after things escalated. A couple of our guys got bit and started showing some of the same symptoms, so we flew them out for treatment and never heard from them again. Eventually we lost contact with command and supplies were getting low, so myself and a few others from the unit set out to scavenge for food and water. We traveled through the woods aimlessly looking for anything that could be of use. One night I was woken up by the howl of wolves and men yelling. Half asleep, I got out of my tent to see what was going on when I realized what was happening. A pack of wolves had already killed one of our party so I rushed to grab my gun in the darkness to help fend them off. As the shots rang out, I could hear movement in the trees and could hear faint groans. Next thing I knew I was grabbed from behind by many hands and pulled to the ground. I could feel their nails and teeth sinking in to my skin as I desperately tried to escape, but there were too many. I could feel the blood running down my limbs and staining my clothes as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I woke up in the woods, my clothes were bloodied and torn. How long was I out for? Where is the rest of my group? I had cuts and bite marks all over my body and it hurt to move. I called on my radio but got no response. After a few hours I got the energy to move around and look for our camp. I finally stumbled upon our tents and realized that none of the others made it. There were guts and pieces of flesh thrown all around their corpses. All of the supplies and weapons we had with us were gone. After a few days I was able to make it back to where the rest of my unit was supposed to be waiting for us to return but instead I found a swarm of people infected with whatever this strange disease was. A few of the infected were wearing our gear. I had no way to protect myself from them so I was forced to run away and hole up in a farm house nearby. I looked at my wounds and began to wonder if I had caught the infection and was doomed to the same fate as all these other people around me. After two days of waiting to die, I realized that for some reason I did not contract the virus. My health was improving and I had most of my energy back but I desperately needed food and my water supply was down to a few drops. I made my way towards the coast as I remembered seeing a beached rowboat with a can of soda laying next to it. I had to escape this god awful place somehow.
  2. You can call me Rob. I'm hoping to meet plenty of interesting people out there one day
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