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  1. Samuel Carter was born in the UK in 1987 in Birmingham. He was an only son to an alcoholic set of parents who also beat him as a child. During his young years, Sam would go to school with black eyes, ripped clothes and in general bad condition. Teachers would not speak up for him as he also had bad grades and was a bit of a menace in his school. He managed to wing his way up to high school, where he met his future wife, Hayley Brown, in his tech classes. They were an item all through school. Sam decided that he wanted to make something of his life, and he began taking a course to learn everything about car maintenance and planned to become a low level mechanic as soon as he passed his course. Two years later, he had passed, and managed to get into a small firm around the corner from his house as a weekend Mechanic. He loved it. A few more years later, he was now married, and had a child on the way. He had made his way up into management and was looking to make his own business in Car Maintenece. We now come to the year of 2014, and Sam had just moved to Chernarus with his family to finally open up his Car workshop. His friend, Nikolai Kruschevi, had went halves with him to start it up. But that when things went wrong. People went crazy and undead. Stuck in traffic, Sam saw his son James get ripped to pieces by zombies, and Hayley had jumped out the car and started running. Sam was dragged out of the car by Nikolai, who was luckily nearby, and they both ran away into relative safety. During the initial months after that, Nikolai had changed, and forced Samuel to do bad things, including killing and stealing to keep alive. At first, Samuel was fine with this and was close to becoming a monster himself. But, after Nikolai had killed a small child for a packet of chocolate, Samuel saw his bad ways. He quickly killed Nikolai, and vowed to change his ways, to find Hayley, and to become a better person. A better survivor.ught up on good nature, but with a bad background. Fighting against it his whole life, the new world comes a bit easier to him than maybe others.
  2. xAJayy

    RP1: 30/01/2016 2:00:00 Gear Over RP/ Quicky robbery/Bad RP/Metagaming/ combat Log

    My POV - I was with Dr Hope for a while before reaching Kabanino, general chit chat. As we arrived we noticed a group of people there and we just continued walking. As we did, a man came up to us and asked us multiple times if we have seen a man called Craig. we responded no multiple times and tried to continue walking through. There was also a man with an axe going on about human meat for some reason. we kept walking, but then a man walked up to Hope and asked her if she was a doctor, without even talking to her other than asking if she had seen a man called Craig. He then decided to initiate on her for what seemed no reason, then turned around and initiated on me too. I put my hands up, then he turned back around at which point I ran away as he wasnt looking. I wasnt sure what happened with Hope whilst they were holding her up, but I tried to get a good angle on them to fire upon them, but chose not too as I wasnt 100% sure who was who and didnt want to hit someone not involved. I then saw them go off into the hillside towards Vybor, at which point I ran upto the doctor. She wanted her stuff back so I said I'd help her if possible. We get to Vybor, and I ask them if they could be around here, to which she replied ooc that they had logged. All this happened within 20 minutes.
  3. Thanks for the RP earlier although it was against my character, and thanks for the scar. Just remember that karma is quite certainly a bitch. Carter
  4. Hey guys! I used to be a regular on the Mod Servers starting from last January till around the end of last year. I lost patience with the mod, as did most people, and gave up. Then out came the Standalone servers. My old PC could not hack Standalone, so I was unable to play it. UNTIL NOW. I have a new PC, ready to RP once again. So yeah, hi again! #NWO4EVER
  5. Hi to all DayZRP players who actually read this, Name is Samuel Carter, well was but he died. So, I'm now Hayley Carter, his wife. Or was, I dont really play DayZRP anymore due to it basically losing lots of interest, including mine. Will 100% be back when GTARP comes, cause I want dis. Ciao til then!
  6. Personally, this should be awesome, but it should be before the zombie apocalypse, part of the story line. Can develop some backstory of our characters.
  7. Madden Connected Franchise So, as per the title, I was interested in beginning a PS4 connected franchise for anyone interested! Anyone can join, from any country! I myself am from England, and I love NFL, so realistically anyone can join! Realistically, I dont expect 32 people to play, so I'd say around 6-10, maybe more to join, depending on interest! I was thinking two games per week, one at the beginning, one at the end! Example: Game one - Monday 12:01AM GMT til Wednesday 11PM GMT cut off Game two - Thursday 12:01AM GMT til Sunday 11PM GMT cut off Obviously it will have to be tweaked, but this is just primary ideas. Rules and settings will be set up closer to the leagues creation. So, any interest in this? There will be DayZRP related prizes!
  8. Don't worry man, Hayley carter is basically the woman version of Samuel! Hense they got married!
  9. I hope to see you around, haven't seen you IG in a long time!
  10. 'I knew this would happen' 'It has been two years since this started, and although I knew this would happen one day, its came sooner than I'd like.' Samuel pulls up his jacket sleeve to reveal a deep bite mark in his forearm 'I guess everyone has there time, and mine is when this infection decides to take me...' Eighteen hours later Samuel had made his way to the building known commonly as 'The Hotel' with one more hope of finding his wife, and to enjoy his last hours. He turns up and finds Daniel Decker and Mark Andersen, men he had met a few days earlier and became fond of quickly. He quickly explained what had happened and how the infection had taken over his body. There were talks of how Sam wanted to go, if he wanted to die straight away or wait until he turned. After long discussions, Sam felt unwell and went outside to get fresh air. It was raining, and Samuel had just lit up a cigarette, when it began happening. It caused Sam to pass out, and for the people around him to ponder what to do. But, as Samuel slowly woke up, it appeared they had there answer. As he rose up, Sam looked around, and his final piece of humanity drained from him, as his last words were describing the rain. Then, it took him. [align=right] The infection had took over the body. Samuel was now just another walker, another lost person in the apocalypse. He took aim for the closest person, which happened to be Mark. But Mark ripped bullets through Sam before he got close. Motionless, Samuel's former body lay on the wet grass, bullet ridden. The memories of his journey forgotten, all the hardship, gone. That, was that. ooc: This is the permadeath of my first ever character from DayZRP which I created in January this year. I decided that I wanted a change of pace, which is why I'm now moving over to my new character Hayley Carter, which is Samuel's wife. She was captured just after the apocalypse by men who did unspeakable things to her. She has only just managed to escape and has been searching for Samuel ever since. She doesnt know that he is dead, or that Sam knew she was alive after hearing reports of her. R.I.P Samuel Carter
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    The Great CTC Giveaway Raffle

    38 please!
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    POLL: PCBs in DayZRP - Which do we keep?

    Nuuuuu, outpost ruins ;_;
  13. Appreciate the messages! Hank, miss u bro ;( incognito SVR spies kinda...