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  1. Adam grew up in Nashville Tennessee with his family in a suburban area where he lived life as a normal kid. Going to school hanging out with friends and working on the family car with his dad. When he was older he went to college at Fisk University. Afterwards he got a job building houses and his city and indoor decor. He was invited to come to a friends wedding in Livonia Nadbór. At the time he went with some friends as his family stayed home due to work. So he took a Plane all the way there and as he landed he got a call to quickly get to his friends house. The wedding was pushed due to his friend had to report for duty because something big was going on. As time went on the infection had started and then all hell broke loose. ( Story still WIP)
  2. MrMcButterToast

    Mademoiselle's Archives of Shenanigans

    Thanks for using my clip XD
  3. MrMcButterToast

    Emergency Medical Assistance

    *Sitting next to a little fire he has made next to a concrete wall while listing to the radio as it snows above him* " Hello Doctor i'm John Northwood. I am not a doctor but may be a future patient but I would like to learn about fixing people up and treating the sick. If you ever have the time im over at the wolf packs den. Let me know when you head over. Stay warm out there! " *Strapping the radio back on his cheat and throwing more sticking in the fire while the sound of shivering can be heard*
  4. *John would wake up and think about all that happened last night to go through the radio freqs and listen in then give his say* "Hello this is John Northwood. I cant help to over hear this. If you guys at green mountain need help getting more supplies just let me know and ill head straight down. *He would put his radio facing up on the ground and finishing the last of his vodka*
  5. *John would be using his backpack as a pillow, as he takes his radio from its strap and presses on the ptt button on multiple freqs* "Ahem. If anyone is hearing this and knows my voice. Then you would know that this is John Northwood. To anyone who knows who I am and would like to chat over some vodka near a nice campfire. Let me know!" *John would then put his radio back on its strap and gets up to lock the door to the house hes in and then gets ready for a nap*
  6. MrMcButterToast

    Interview With A Community Member: PhoenyxxRP

    always wanted to join the wolfpack but couldn't for reasons. plus i wanted to always ask to hangout ooc but could never bring myself to do it.
  7. *He would sit next to a tree over looking a small town a few miles away* “ My name is John and I just came back to this country from a small island where I wasn’t doing anything im proud of. Shit I was doing things I wasn’t proud of when I was first here when I met a few locals who taught me how to rob blah blah blah. I was a scared kid then and to be honest, I am terrified now. I’m terrified that because I’m from another country people wanna do me harm or when I don’t follow a groups laws. This isn’t me asking for help or to complain about someone or a group. I’m on my own and I have learned to just follow people’s rules and to keep my mouth shut. I came back a few days ago and the first people I met were in need or just told me what’s been going on. From what I’m hearing over the radio. I feel like I can’t trust anyone not even the people I help. If anyone is listening to this stupid rant! Just to let you know I just wanna go home back to the states with my deceased brother. But I can’t his body is long gone and there’s not a boat that can take me that far. So before I end this pathetic excuse of a broadcast. To let anyone listening know. I can still help people with some medical help or how to grow hunt and even fish for food. But as I said before I’m not asking for help or anyone to talk to or complain. Just if anyone finds me to understand I just wanna leave. *The sound of the radio ptt button is goes silent with in and out static*
  8. MrMcButterToast

    A Strange Encounter

    * listening on his radio as he puts his finger on ptt* “ Not to sound sad or anything but I don’t think I have any friends atm. *chuckles a little* But I will let the last settlement where I’m going just to be safe and again thank you very much for the warning” * presses on his radios ptt one more time* “ I heard there is a doctor over in green mountain. I hope this helps.” * Then takes his finger off of ptt*
  9. MrMcButterToast

    A new threat....

    * sitting up from sleeping all night to over hear the conversation and grabs his radio to chime in* “ Thank you Father David for the information. I will be on my guard and let others know about these Russians when I’m back on the road” *Takes his finger off of ptt and setting it on a table as he makes breakfast*
  10. MrMcButterToast

    Anyone want to meet up? Getting kinda lonely

    * Going to pick the radio from his bag while having dinner for the night and pushes the PTT button* " I am John Northwood im kinda on my own as well. if you need someone to talk with just let me know!" * Takes his finger off of the radio and puts it back in his backpack*
  11. *Going through his bag, searching for his radio then presses the PTT button* " To those who walked with me to the Anarchist compound. I would like to say that I hope we meet again its nice to have friendly people around for a change. Just respond if any of you would like to tag along with me at any time!" * Taking his finger off of PTT and stuffs his radio back in his bag*
  12. i had to change my mind. something came up for my character for ig. from people ik ooc. ill get my permit so wont have to get in trouble again
  13. I did speak to them and I did put in an application but do to DayZ being DayZ I didn’t really understand where on the map they wanted me to go. For the license
  14. So I have a question for anyone in this group. I was told ig that I need a weapons permit and that y’all ain’t recruiting anymore???
  15. Hope I can meet some of y’all in game. Would be interesting
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