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  1. Reminds me when I was apart of Kings Ridge. Hope to see you ig!
  2. besides my ping. anyone else having issues when they do anything ig? like picking something up or opening a door then you get the count to ten thing pop up?
  3. The Man Would Be Yawning As The Sound Of Vegetation Being Moved As He Answers His Radio " Nic mi nepřináší větší radost než slyšet tvůj hlas. Budu bratr! Ať jsou vaše dny na této zemi bezpečné a snadné! Pro Černarus! " ( Nothing brings me more joy then to hear your voice. I will brother! May your days on this earth be safe and easy! For Chernarus! ) Sounds Of A Near By Campfire Can Be Heard As It Sounds Like The Man Is Making Breakfast White Reloading Of Weapons
  4. So i was asked to edit a title of mine in the DayZ Radio. I dont know how to do that. Any help would be nice and help me be able to keep my radio thread. plz and thank you
  5. Small Bit Of Hesitation Before He Responded After Hearing The Stranger Speak "Hmmm....Nevím, kdo je Severní láska But! Buďte bezpečným bratrem...." ( I dont know who Severní Lovci is....But! Be safe brother....) The Sound Of Smoke Being Blown As He Puts Out A Cigarette And Mutters One Last Thing Before Turning The Radio Off " Pro lidi Černarus a její pěst! " ( For the people of Chernarus and her FISTS! )
  6. You Can Hear A Young Man Over A Static Radio " I have nothing to lose anymore and I've been wondering my homeland and doing my part and helping your group on the side lines telling the good people the truth about those of RAC and the RF... The Point of this radio message is I want to join this cause and help even more to make Chernarus a better place..Pro Černaruse a její pěsti..." ( For Chernarus and her Fists...) Twisting his radio's volume down as he works on his weapons waiting for an answer...
  7. Holding Back His Anger After Hearing The Broadcast As He Slams His Fist On A Near By Table "Říkají si policie !? Spíš jako Monstra pro mě....Všichni musí odpovídat za své zločiny! nebo zemřít.." ( They call themselves the police! More like Monsters to me.... They all must pay for their crimes! or die...) " For Chernarus and her Fists! " His Radio Returns To Static...
  8. even though i haven't meet anyone from CLF yet the rp and the things i hear ooc and ic from yall are amazing! keep it up and cant wait to meet yall ig.
  9. Setting His Radio Down On A Table Next To The Bed He Laid On As He Drinks Some Water Listening To The Chatter As He Would Sigh " Proto musíme naslouchat našim lidem a zastavit ty, kteří by nám ublížili .... Tito lidé RAC .... Nejsou skuteční Černarussiáni ... Jsou to zrádci! Matkakurva..." ( This is why we must listen to our people and stop the ones who would cause us harm....These RAC people....They aren't real Chernarussian...They are traitors! MotherFucker.... ) The Man Would Pound His Fist On The Table Next To Him Yelling Out Profanities He Would Let Out A Deep Sigh and Mutters A Few More Words Before Turning Off His Radio "Jako lidé v Černaru musíme naslouchat svým vlastním a bojovat proti těmto příšerám...." ( As the people of Chernarus we must listen to our own and fight back these monsters.... )
  10. The Man would Turn On His Radio Once More As a Deepen Sigh Would Be Heard " Hope I can find these people soon...Do prdele......Never knew being alone without dobry lidé around would suck so much. " ( God Damnit ) ( Good People ) Before Turning Off His Radio For The Night, The Sound Of Food Cooking and Weapon Repairs Can Be Heard
  11. The Man Would Hold His Radio Up As He Presses Down On The Talk Button "Tohle je naše země, ovládejme naši zemi ... Nepotřebujeme pomoc od zahraničních útočníků .... Žiji a za to zemřu! " (This is our country, Let us rule our country...We dont need help from foreign invaders....I live and will die for this cause!) Sounds of mags reloading can be heard over the mans radio "Chernarus a její pěst! " (For Chernarus and her Fists!) The Man Would Let Go of The Talk Button
  12. I really hope I can be with this group soon and meet yall ic! this sounds like a really awesome group and ik someone here who was in kings ridge like me
  13. @Raptor Great to play with ya again bud had a blast walking with your character!
  14. He would never really talk about his childhood just say that it was normal he guessed. Had a job some friends and all that. He liked walking the trails that lead north from town and watching over the farm hills. Sometimes him and his friends would go to the local bar and talk about how much of a suka their boss was after hours. Him and his friends who get into mischief as they drove around vandalizing peoples property and messing about on construction sites at night. One time of his friends brought out a makarov and showing to everyone as they were walking home as a car drove by lighting him up as the rest of them ran into the woods. Arkady was lucky to get back home safe but suffered some cuts from falling down as he was almost home. Once he got home his parents weren't pleased at all. So he couldn't go outside unless its going to working on his bike. Arkady would get into trouble quite a bit as he would help his friends rob stores for beer and mess with some kid down the road. There was times where he acted like less of a pridurok. As the outbreak hit he was forced with his family to one of those camps where they kept you for evacuation or if you had the flu. Never knew where his friends went but he hoped to at least see one of them at some of the camps. He lost his mother to the virus as his own father went mad blaming him for everything as his father joined the military guarding the area as one night he run off away from the bullshit and tried to survive out there on his own. Nights were cold and food was hard to come by but at least he knew what to do to stay alive...
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