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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Couldn't find a way to add said link Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict is unfair because. I could've just been sent a pm on the site or discord talking about what I did and what I meant for to happen. Maybe get my POV before giving out the ban. I strongly think this could've been talked out with the certain people involved and got it straightened out. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was with a friend of CLF as we were walking into the town of Khelm after she gave medical to my character. I saw that someones place wasn't all the way built and has a few openings. i went inside to grab some food but didn't take all. I wanted to leave a note only for the rp reasoning. That im a member of CLF and wanted to help spread rumors that RAC are bad people who steal etc. I just wanted to add and further rp for the people and between the groups. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To have a smaller punishment or to have no punishment at all. Also to make it known this was a misunderstanding and a fault of mine. What could you have done better?: I do read the rules a lot. Just I wasn't thinking enough on this one. i could've add more written detail into the note and add more rp to it. i also could've talked with a leader of said group to see if it was ok to do as to the person i stole from. i just wanted to make more rp for people between the groups since the CLF haven't been getting great reputation. To start ic drama thats all. I am very sorry for not thinking this through and would like to talk about this with a member of staff and people involved if possible and to know I am very sorry for my actions and wanted to come to an understanding that I wanted to add more rp and I could've done so in a better manner.
  2. @Makarov That made my morning hearing that. Thanks again!
  3. @Makarov Oh I loved it! some of the best rp Ive had! Hope i was ok at my rp. But again it was amazing!
  4. ya ive been waiting since i messaged them on the site since idk their discord @DerrickStorm
  5. thanks that cleared it up for me. but no i didnt have to respawn
  6. @Inferno So they shot around me as i just jumped in the water. would i still forget everything that lead to my rp death? or no since i didnt really die?
  7. So I was a Hostage for RAC and I wanna know if my character would remember anything at all? or no
  8. besides my ping. anyone else having issues when they do anything ig? like picking something up or opening a door then you get the count to ten thing pop up?
  9. The Man Would Be Yawning As The Sound Of Vegetation Being Moved As He Answers His Radio " Nic mi nepřináší větší radost než slyšet tvůj hlas. Budu bratr! Ať jsou vaše dny na této zemi bezpečné a snadné! Pro Černarus! " ( Nothing brings me more joy then to hear your voice. I will brother! May your days on this earth be safe and easy! For Chernarus! ) Sounds Of A Near By Campfire Can Be Heard As It Sounds Like The Man Is Making Breakfast White Reloading Of Weapons
  10. So i was asked to edit a title of mine in the DayZ Radio. I dont know how to do that. Any help would be nice and help me be able to keep my radio thread. plz and thank you
  11. Small Bit Of Hesitation Before He Responded After Hearing The Stranger Speak "Hmmm....Nevím, kdo je Severní láska But! Buďte bezpečným bratrem...." ( I dont know who Severní Lovci is....But! Be safe brother....) The Sound Of Smoke Being Blown As He Puts Out A Cigarette And Mutters One Last Thing Before Turning The Radio Off " Pro lidi Černarus a její pěst! " ( For the people of Chernarus and her FISTS! )
  12. You Can Hear A Young Man Over A Static Radio " I have nothing to lose anymore and I've been wondering my homeland and doing my part and helping your group on the side lines telling the good people the truth about those of RAC and the RF... The Point of this radio message is I want to join this cause and help even more to make Chernarus a better place..Pro Černaruse a její pěsti..." ( For Chernarus and her Fists...) Twisting his radio's volume down as he works on his weapons waiting for an answer...
  13. Holding Back His Anger After Hearing The Broadcast As He Slams His Fist On A Near By Table "Říkají si policie !? Spíš jako Monstra pro mě....Všichni musí odpovídat za své zločiny! nebo zemřít.." ( They call themselves the police! More like Monsters to me.... They all must pay for their crimes! or die...) " For Chernarus and her Fists! " His Radio Returns To Static...
  14. even though i haven't meet anyone from CLF yet the rp and the things i hear ooc and ic from yall are amazing! keep it up and cant wait to meet yall ig.
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