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  1. Diego Worthington was born to an American father and a Mexican mother. His father was an active military officer and often moved the family to accommodate his career. Diego was named after his grandfather on his mother's side. His father was an active military officer and therefore moved the family around quite often. Diego became secluded and did not make many friends growing up. His mother was the daughter of a poor fisherman from Mexico. At the age of 8, Diego's mother lost a long fought battle to cancer. Leaving Diego in the sole custody of his ever moving father. Diego's teen years were met with a new found temper. Diego often got into trouble. Picking fights, drinking alcohol and smoking weed. His bad behavior led him to be exspelled from his local highschool. His father immediately enrolled him into military school. Upon graduating, Diego packed his things and vowed to never see his father again. He found work in the fishing town New Bedford, MA. He was a crew member of a fishing vessel that stayed at sea for months on end. Upon returning from a particularly long voyage, Diego was swarmed by a group of black vans and forced inside. Within the van was his father. His father explained to him he had been chosen by his fellow countrymen to do a great service. After much convincing, Diego began his training with CIA special forces. His first espionage was to dig up information on the Chernorussians and Russians regarding their post war plans and tactics.
  2. Rick Dynamite

    A Dream

    The strangest thing. I jumped over a fence in Sosnovka then poof! Skydiving adventure!
  3. Rick Dynamite

    The Patriot Adventures

    The documented adventures of two brothers and a friend as they attempt to survive.
  4. Pink man keeping an eye out for intruders.
  5. Great session, great RP. Pleasure!
  6. Richard looked out as the sun set, not knowing it'd be the last he ever saw. Later that day, as he laid there dying he thought to himself. "I never should have left those walls."
  7. Connor is a journalist who traveled to Chernarus to write a story about the rebuilding war-torn country. He was traveling to a remote village when the outbreak truly took over. His escorts were killed by infected a few days into their travels. Connor managed to escape and has been surviving alone ever since.
  8. Richard "Dynamite" Starkley is a 27-year-old field medic for the US Army. He is from Boston, Massachusetts, and has one son from a past relationship. He has been enlisted in the army since he graduated high school in 2010. Richard had done 3 tours in the middle east before being deployed to Chernogorsk as a part of the CDF reinforcements. The night the plane crashed into the hotel, Richard joined the CDF in their search and rescue efforts. He used his medical training to aid the wounded survivors. Day by day, the other medics escaped from the city until Richard was the only medic looking over the remaining victims. Over the next few days, those he was looking after either passed away or healed enough to depart into the world until he was left with one patient. With supplies running low and the number of infected increasing rapidly, Richard was forced to make the choice that would haunt him the rest of his life. He chose to take a few supplies and leave his remaining patient who was still unable to travel.
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