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  1. i was there my name in game is Velek erikson and when they held up Zayne he complied as much as he could in that short amount of time they gave him before they killed him i was right next to him and before i can even think to help in the defenders rights i would have gotten in this they had already guned him down with no warning. i played it off in rp as that was fucked up and we moved up a little before they said they couldnt trust that he was in a ''crew'' but it was all bad rp so i just got out of there.
  2. i was born in boston ma my parents were from chanarus and came to live in the us a few years before i was born i was a only child and had a good life finished high school top of my class and got into boston collage and was even planing on joining the police force when i finished school but before that i went on a trip to chernarus with a few collage buddys and the world went to shit and here i am going town to town trying to survive this out and make it home but the more days that go by make me think of home less and less and its started to scare me
  3. thanks for the fast reply i was looking around hella im just blind lol
  4. im just recently got whitelisted and went to join the server and it says im using the wrong version of the game or something like that iv looked around the webpage and discord and i cant find anything about any mods is my game just broken?
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