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  2. The name is Vonyuchiy Nizshiy Ad. His a taxi driver from Tarkov, His 28 years old. Born on August 12, Most people call him Vonny as his full name is a mouthfull for most. Its all started when he pickup a family of 3 people. A man name Vlad with his pretty wife tasha and thier only daughter Anas. There are asking to drive them down to Chernarus. its a long 7 hour drive anyway. but as the payment is good. so vonny take the task and drive them. its a smooth journey. a great day to start as he can recall that day.. cleatr sky, a bit of cloud. they start thier jeourney as early as 7 in the morning that day. VOnny pick the family up back in the customs area by that day.,. the family only bring like a few small laugaguge. clear the customs checkpoint and its all a smooth ride. Vlad is actualy a LAb Scientist in Tarkov. just complete his task after 3 years in TArkov himself. His wife is a Housewife. and thier doughther Anas is 4 years old. We have a good conversation in that 7 hour jouirney, have a few of pit stop to refuel coz the car is an old car with small fuel tank. and still remember how happy Mr Vlad is when he able to got back to his owh hometown after that long 3 years in Tarkov. . His wife is not a talker.. most of the time she just talk with her daughter. and they do tell me that Anas the daughter is 1 year old when they mopve to Tarkov as Nr Vlad got the work offer. They dont have other family all this while but still CHenarus is Mr Vlad hometown all this while. Then after that long 7 smnooth hour, we arrive at Chenarrus.. got a few check point from the Military. and here we are.. a nice queit town of chenarrus. we drove slolwy where Mr Vlad keep on talking to his wife looking on how much changed did thier home town changes after that years few minute Before the bombardment, he is just a taxi driver sending a family in Chernarus. not having a rich life just enough for a single simple life. now he's all alone. for now Vonny are try to find an answer.. what is actualy happened.. everything seem to be changed. the city suddenly changed like a dead city. and what makes Vonny confused is that alot of people he found are now aggresive and act like a predator animal. He still remember his first killed defending himself.. frem that time on. Vonny realize somthing is seriously wrong. He need to find answer.. he need to be prepared he need to sharpen his survival skill. now he believed that there is still survivor that uneffected like him.. and from there he try to search for this minority group. after his taxi is damages and got no fuel.. he start to survied by walking.. and theres where the story begun.
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