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  1. Recover Whitelist App?

    Is it possible to retreive the whitelist application I used for this mod, I have a test in school coing up and i'd like to use some things from my story, please if anyone can help, an admin, a moderator, anyone please help me out.
  2. Location for settlements

    Oh, well I will change that know however, it doesn't state this in the rules does it?(I genuinely can't remember if it does) This thread may help you. It's common sense really, and it's frowned upon. So yeah, I mean, you can't exactly RP as someone from the 1100's unless you were named after him, which again is unlikely. I'm not roleplaying as him, I simply used the name. Doesn't matter anyway I will change it as soon as my launcher has updated so..yeah
  3. Location for settlements

    That is a valid point, you can't have your IG name as anyone that is famous/well known etc as it can cause problems within roleplay. Oh, well I will change that know however, it doesn't state this in the rules does it?(I genuinely can't remember if it does)
  4. Location for settlements

    I just googled it ahah, well i should probably change that
  5. Location for settlements

    Thanks I don't know, ahaha I don't even know who he is.
  6. Location for settlements

    Thanks, at least you were helpful.
  7. Location for settlements

    Because I haven't come across anyone in a while.
  8. Location for settlements

    I cant seem to find any settlements, but to be quite fair I haven't really looked. So if someone could post below where all the settlements are located, I will be great-full.
  9. Changing skin...

    Thanks man, but I'm not sure whether im willing to donate yet as I am new and im not really devoted to it yet so you know...
  10. Changing skin...

    Hi there, I would like to know how to change skin are there any requirements that I need to meet before I can change it or is there just a setting that I should change? Thanks
  11. I've been running for a while now and im in desperate need of some form of transport. Hopefully I find some in Cherno or something.
  12. I'm logging in now :D

    OK i will do currently in Nadezdinho.
  13. I'm logging in now :D

    Im an African Male called Nawvlee Keita hook me up sometime!
  14. Problem with posting threads on certain forums

    Thanks guys.
  15. Hi, for some reason i cannot post in the 'Groups/Organisation' forum im confused. Someone please help.