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  1. Samuel Creasy Was always a man of nature. He loved (Well still loves I guess) hunting, fishing, and anything other outdoor you can name. Samuel Creasy always had a fascination with guns as well, ever since he found out he had a number of cowboys in his bloodline(Not his parents, to be clear, Cowboys from ~1860-1885), he felt an affinity for anything "Old West". Samuel Creasy's infatuation wasn't kept to himself by no means, he showed his love through various collections of cowboy hats, guns, and other memorabilia from the era. Out of love, his friends would call him a "Cowboy Samuel Creasy". Before the outbreak, Samuel Creasy worked as a Firefighter. Samuel Creasy eventually, faced an event that changed his life. In a tragic propane accident, three out of the ten people in Samuel Creasy’s department were killed. Samuel Creasy was now done with Firefighting. After months of heavy drinking, Samuel Creasy wanted to do something with himself, with his life. Samuel Creasy Decided he would enlist. He decided to enlist in the Air Force. Samuel Creasy Figured he had enough wit to become a pilot, and sure enough, he eventually became an airman.. With all the business going on in Chernarus at the time, he was sent there. The civilian riots were out of control, and that didn’t bid well for Samuel Creasy at all. The day started somewhat excitedly, Samuel Creasy would be able to co-pilot a patrol helicopter. Tragically enough, ended up taking small arms fire while piloting a helicopter, the rioters must’ve gotten desperate, thinking that, maybe, just maybe, if they shot down a helicopter(Scouting Mission), they could get whatever supplies was on board. Samuel Creasy was the copilot, and the small arms fire shot the pilot in the chest. As the pilot bled out Samuel Creasy had to take over. Pushing the pilot off of his chair, he took the controls. Soon enough, the small arms fire was starting to become too much, the shots became extremely precise, but soon enough were not targeting the pilot, but the rotor of the aircraft, and eventually, the rotor was severely damaged. Having only one choice, Samuel Creasy grabbed a parachute, and jumped. Samuel Creasy must’ve taken concussive damage, as he doesn’t remember too well what happened from there. The helicopter crashed a fair distance away from Samuel Creasy. When he woke up, he found himself intact, confused as to what to do, and with his parachute and clothing stripped. Now he is stranded in Chernarus. He hardly read, knew/cared about the infected, and is confused. Using his hunting and fishing abilities, he will try to survive this now hellscape he has entered. he will try his best to survive what he has now entered. With himself stripped, he now wears an unmistakable Cowboy outfit, he needs anything to entertain himself at this point. In Chernarus, Samuel Creasy’s primary objective is to survive. A secondary goal to that is ask questions, find out more about what is going on, and live off of the land. Samuel Creasy is most skilled in hunting, and this is his primary source of food. He knows the when, the where, and the everything to hunting. Fishing is another way Samuel Creasy prefers to obtain food. Fishing is also a way for Samuel Creasy to clear his mind of the mental scars, and bring himself back to the mental Utopia that is the memory of life before these events. Every breath Samuel Creasy takes is one closer to his last, so, regardless of the horrendous scenario, Samuel Creasy is going to try to make the most of it and spread his knowledge. It takes a lot for Samuel Creasy to kill someone, he knows the pain that comes with death. Samuel Creasy Heavily prefers to negotiate his way out of situations than to react violently.
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