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  1. Arthur Winters, a 16 year old kid from Oregon on a hunting trip in Chernarus with his Father. Himself and his Father were living off the land for 3 weeks in the wilderness of Chernarus hunting wolves. Arthur and his Father split up to hunt down two separate packs of wolves his father thought he could handle it because Arthur was just as experienced as himself. When his father returned to their camp and Arthur wasn't back yet he started to worry, it was about 2 hours before nightfall so he set out in the direction of the pack Arthur was hunting. He found Arthur on the ground bleeding attacked by a wolf which Arthur managed to kill. Arthur was hurt bad bleeding from his left leg right arm and right cheek. His father carried him back to camp bandaged him up and when Arthur woke up his father said he was leaving to go get help, so he left in the morning and left Arthur with enough food water and clean bandages to last till he got back. Arthur waited 4 days and his father still wasn't back, so he figured something happened to his father so he got up and started heading towards Cherno. When he arrived after limping his way through the woods after a few days he discovered everything overrun. Arthur makes his way through Cherno towards the hospital, when he arrives nobody is there. He walks in to find some clean bandages because his were dirty and he didn't want to risk infection. He changes bandages and cleans out his wound, then walks out of the hospital and is held at gunpoint. They saw the condition he was in and thought it better to put him out of his misery before he gets ripped apart by zombies. Arthur pleads to them not to shoot him and says he'd rather be eaten by a zombie. The men agree and then one of the men say "he's in worse shape than the other guy that came through" Arthur asks what other guy? and they described his Father who they apparently shot to spare getting ripped apart by zombies. Arthur then charges the man and they shoot him in the shoulder, Arthur falls unconscious and they think him dead. They drag his body out into the woods and left him, when Arthur woke up he didn't know what to do and decides to live off the land and avoid people at any cost and stick to himself. Which eventually changes when he decides he needs something to fight for and sets out back towards civilization to see whats left.
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