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  1. coke

    my first interaction

    lmaoo, all good. appreciate you guys leaving my stuff!
  2. coke

    my first interaction

    They left all my stuff but took my car, reason being "I've been looking for a spark plug forever". whole interaction was 5 mins, it was shit rp but im not mad could have been worse.
  3. coke

    DayZ RP good and bad times

    trials and tribulations
  4. Alexi Ivanov / Log 1 I can't believe I lost that car, it had enough supplies to continue searching for the next week, I need to find my wife. Dammit! Should have shot those guys when I had the chance, they would have done the same to me... I can't move fast enough on foot, I need that car.. I've called out on the radio every hour for days, no response, nobody has heard of my parents or wife. Im starting to lose hope, not sure where to try and start now. my only hope is to find that car..
  5. Born in Zaruby, Belarus. Forced to join national guard when he was just a kid, and kill at a young age. When the infection started he found his way back home but his parents and wife were missing, they raised him with good morals and ethics. He continues to search for them regardless of the surroundings declining. He hopes to find anyone with any information and those who can offer any help to his search. As a long term goal, he hopes to find some other survivors to build a base with and form any alliances possible in hopes to succeed in his search.
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