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  1. Kinda hoping the server wipes soon. These restarts and crashes.. lol

    1. Mademoiselle


      We’Ve had a complete server wipe 

    2. iParkerX


      OHHH? It's been wiped?? XD


    3. Saunders


      Yes it has been wiped and will be wiped again over the coming hours once our devs have updated our mods and add them to the server @iParkerX

  2. Steve Marxx was born in the United States in 1988, and moved to Ukraine at 16. Between school, and homework, Steve didn't really have many friends away from school. His parents were a firm believer that he should get his schooling done and learn a hard days work of chores and taking care of his family. Several years went by, when Steve was called to the television by his father. Standing there with his eyes in shock as image after image of planes, tanks, and helicopters leaving Chernarus filled the screen. 21 years old now, he had a sigh of relief to know that the war was finally over. Several years later, he noticed the economy was beginning to rise. Wanting a better life for him, and his family- Steve went to get a job in Chenarus. But, needing money, he needed to find a job that would pay enough to get him and his family over there. After several years of trying, he could not get enough money for the big move. During that time, his mother passed of a infection in her brain, and his dad committed suicide leaving Steve to tend the house and land alone. Steve was unsure of what he could do now that his family was gone. Hearing about an outbreak on the Radio, Steve couldn't believe his ears and had to investigate. "How could the dead walk?" Making his way into Chernarus, the smell of smoke, death, and fires haunt his senses as he stands in the middle of an open field. His focus now, find any other survivors, and find out more of what is going on in Chernarus and the rest of the world.
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