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  1. My character is named Hank Brittle. Before the civil war I was a coal miner from Lopatino, but after words I went into the army with my brother Perry Brittle, and was stationed at Balota air base. Through the war I was separated from my platoon while on a patrol and was forced to survive in the northern woods just West of Tisy. I was forced to survive on deer meat and evade wolves in the night. When I emerged from the wilderness and found my way I found other people to have changed to be hostile and caniballistic... The few remaining normals must be spared and I need to value and help real human life, I need to help them survive so that we may rebuild Chernarus and help others throughout the land. Throughout my technical training in the army, I became proficient in using weapons including Carbines, Bolt action Rifles, and pistols but also recieved melee combat training and survival escape resistance and evasion training by some of the UN soldiers at Bolota. I have made it around the country a few times and was looking to survive the outbreak until a cure was found, I fell into a small military group and was escorting a group of doctors to the North East AF to try and evacuate them, when we got attacked and held up by a bad group of people. The took my gun, which jammed when I tryed to defend the group, and stripped my of my clothes, food, and water, along with my tools and everything I had. I was abandoned on the coast alone and with noone, looking to survive and still valuing human life above everthing else. I Hank Brittle have been trying to find the safe haven of the North West Airfield.....
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