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  1. Pre-Outbreak George Matthews was born in Birmingham in 1999, at the age of 16 after leaving high school George joined the Infantry in the British Army, with the hopes and dreams of joining the Para's and being part of an elite section of the British Armed Forces. In 2017 George was in Africa with the army, on an anti-poacher deployment, without notice and without reason him and his fellow infantrymen got called back home, quickly flew back to London awaiting briefing for a special deployment. "Special Deployment" was the only information George was given regarding this operation before he was swiftly placed on an RAF plane and flew to Georgia, in Georgia it was complete panic, armies from around the globe where leaving and arriving, nobody quite knew exactly what was causing the Chaos. Outbreak George was put on a Merlin transport helicopter with a few others and started flying towards the war torn Chernarus, during the flight an unknown force struck the Merlin, the pilots frantically tried to regain control of the helicopter before it struck the ground with great force. Only a few soldiers survived the crash, these soldiers gathered what they could from the wreckage before it ignited and left the area, the group was lost and abandoned in a strange country, most of them relatively new to the army with little experience. With all the chaos ensuing there was no reason to believe that help was enroute. The group made their way to a small village where they found themselves searching for supplies, their radios completely nonfunctional. George heard gunfire in the town, and without contact with his group, was fairly concerned, now stranded and alone in Chernarus, George has to find his own path to stability.
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