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  1. Hi my name is Blade Sabovcik, normally just go by the name of Blade. My parents left Czechoslovak when I was very young and moved to the UK. Five years after moving here my parents split up and my mother took my little sister with her to her home country Chernarus in the small fishing village of Berezhki. Many years pasted but I would visit them from time to time and we would always keep in contact and then the outbreak happened and nothing, no news no information from any government nothing. That when I decided to find them one way or another. I worked as a freelance reporter for one of the national newspapers and manage to get assigned to reporting on a relief operation that was going on in Chernarus. We where do to fly into Krasnostav airport but something happens to the pilot of the helicopter as we flew in over the sea towards Svetloyarsk the pilot started making strange sounds through the radio and then just started attacking the co-pilot, so much blood everywhere. The helicopter crash just of the coast and I was the only one to make it out alive, I managed to scramble to the shore and made my way along the coast to Berezhki that I had visited many times before. But this time it was different there was gun fire and screaming coming from every direction, I kept to the shoreline as I moved up the coast, seeing plums of black smoke rising from the villages and towns along the coast, everywhere there was death. The fear growing inside me with every step I take what will I find in Berezhki, will my mother and sister still be there will they still be alive, how will we make it out alive and where will we go as it now appears that no place will be safe if this spreads around the world.
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