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  1. I just logged in the server and was walking down from the second floor of the shop to the first floor to see how things looked. There were 2 men that were at the shop one of them had a golden desert eagle in a leg holster with a black plate carrier and a red shirt with a black mask and a green bag. The other one had a tan plate carrier with a blue shirt and black pants with no mask. They asked me some questions and I was trying to help them out as I would usually do with people that are at the shop. They walked around and were looking at the shop and were looking at all of the guns that we had inside. And they went and did some trading we did a trade for a desert eagle and a 1911. While I was doing the trade looking for the 1911 all of the guns went missing. There was only them two in the store at the time. They said that there was a guy that stole some guns from the shop and they caused a ruckus around the shop just as people were starting to show up saying there was a guy in a black bag that stole all of the guns from inside of the store. Then a car full of people showed up at the front of the store, they all got out and had no arm bands on then from what I was hearing Chip got held up. The two guys that were doing the trading before were saying that there was a guy getting robbed with his hands up out on the docks. I saw a group of people on the docks with guns and they did have chip held there. The two men from when I woke up and the whole group from the car all went into a building to the south after shooting some infected. When they were in the building that we could not see them in they all put on there orange arm bands. Then all of the men in the orange arm bands came out and told us to put our hands up so I just stood with my hands up where I was and waited for them to tell me what to do. @BlueSnakeJake was to my right next to the little shop/booth. ( @BlueSnakeJake is the one wearing the red bag with the white arm band and the red/black/white mask in the black helmet) Jake went behind the little shop that was to our left and I could not see him. They shot him a couple of times and he was bleeding as they were telling us to sit with our hands on our head. They let him wrap a bandage around him to stop the bleeding. They started to shoot at a something over in the trees off to my right just about 4 seconds after they started to say everyone hands up. While me and Jake were sitting with our hands up they went over to the trees where they were shooting from before. We talked to the man that was holding a gun to us while were waiting for them to do what they came here to do. Then we got loaded into a car and taken up to stary to do slave work for them.
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