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    TS3 Walkie-Talkie plugin.(well CrossTalk)

    Whilst ACRE would be great for ArmA, I don't think it will work in DayZ, simply because of the logistical issue of getting everyone on the same TS server, same channel, with ACRE setup. I think you would need a completely separate server with ACRE. @Chopper Dave: Try moving both acre_xx.dll's into the ts3 plugins directory and then it is very important that you RUN TEAMSPEAK AS ADMIN! It will not work otherwise. That link is also a VERY old version of ACRE and is no longer compatible with Teamspeak. Here is the most recent one: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11339
  2. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Hopefully Ninja hasn't talked me up onto the highest branch of the tallest tree here haha. I try my best. Yes I did do a large chunk of the development and work continues into arma 3 patrol ops. Thanks for the support
  3. Hello everyone from Australia! A good friend of mine introduced me to this interesting community and I must say, I can not wait to get stuck into it. I haven't played much DayZ in my time, but I am an ArmA vet (been playing since Flash Point). I can't wait to see where this new found side of the game takes me!