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  1. Hi, im Dan Zyzak, the best welder ever! I dropped out of highschool at a very young age in order to achieve my dream of traveling the world gaining only the best knowledge of the only thing that matters: WELDING. if you really think about it, welding is the perfect metaphor for life. You join two pieces of some of the strongest steel you can find by blasting it with plasma that burns brighter than the sun itself. now i know what youre thinking....how does that have to do with anything about life? IT JUST DOES! But only the small minded cannot realize that. hell even my parents didnt accept the real me, and thats because they are a bunch of idiots. thats if the out break didnt kill them. we ended up splitting a year or 2 ago after we got to this hell hole. its still laughable that the military thought this country was safe. didnt take long for us to realize that it was the same bit of hell as the rest of the world. not as bad but its still just about the same with all the flesh eating and what not. ive been traveling across this country just to make sure all the settlements were up to par. well with their welding atleast. anything that deals with plywood or them 2x4 is below me. i didnt need to learn that stuff to become the best welder ever. all my hope rides in finding a group that will take me in. hopefully i find someone who accepts me for who i am. a good god fearing group that still has their morals.
  2. A wanderer from an old land, appearing out of almost nowhere. No one knows where im from or where ive been. Im a traveler, a story teller, and a seer. Those who come to me seek answers of past and future. Im blind but i see all, deaf but hear all, i know nothing yet everything. I tell nothing but the truth and only when the gods allow me. But everything comes at a price, for those who seek me out must pay a heafty toll for the answers to their questions. I am undying for i am already dead. The gods have taken my soul and i stand at the gates delivering the words from them to the living. I am neither here nor there, yet i may stand before you granting you knowledge. I have no name for i am the seer.
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