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  1. John Charmane aged 21 was a nervous wreck from his child days. He never really was able to handle anything involving people, and so he was home tutored. John has quite the amount of mental labels, but essential he just has a hard time reading people and therefore he is nervous about constantly doing something wrong. Johns parents were loaded, and so private tutoring, and such stuff werent a problem. John loved to learn, but again, he was often to scared he was messing something up. At one point it was so bad that he locked himself away and sat in a corner, not touching anything for 2 days. His sister was completely different from him. Outgoing, succesfull, people person. Their relationship werent that of the best, and that sibling love was never really there. His parents tried everything, but nothing really worked except leaving the boy almost to himself. As John got older, he found interest in his fathers work, and started coming up with solutions for his fathers problems. The father found out and ended up putting John on his workteam. For John that was a big step, but it really made him even more nervous. Somehow his father convinced him to come to a conference in Chernarus with him, which is why they are where they are… When all hell broke lose, John ran and hid like the coward he was. Hearing peoples horrid screams… Not being able to help… Watching his father die right before him. When it quiet down, John had been cramped in his hidy hole for months on end preserving any little food he had left. It was with blank mind he left, as his subcontious realised the screams had stopped. The sight of the bodies. The dead. Made him sick… Made him wanna cry and go back to hiding… Most of all, the streets were so empty of noise and people that he felt lonely. Such an unusual feeling for him, that hated the company of other people. It was awfull… The screaming had stopped.. but what did that mean..? John needed to find hope..
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