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  1. Name: Cameron Redmond, Previous Occupation: Student, Age: 15 About: Cameron is an exchange student from Canada, a few months after the he arrived at Chernarus the outbreak released on Chernarus. About a month into the outbreak I met Jared Dodge and we partnered up and fought against the elements, the infected and bandits, at this point its present day and we are still friends to this day and they thrive to make a anti bandit group. Cameron is not very good at fighting and he prefers to talk to the aggressor if possible, he also doesn't like to leave Jareds side and likes to think as each other as batman and robin. Jared and I give people food and supplies to anyone who needs it. They ask people they come across to join there anti bandit groups. They hope in the future they can establish a large enough group to take down bandits and help everyone in need, also we thrive everyday to find a cure to the infection. Cameron likes to wear red plaid shirt, black pants with pink armbands so his group members can recognize him from the bandits.
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