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  1. His name is Jared Dodge and he is 18 years old just before the outbreak he was a employee at a gas station in the U.S. but decided to visit family in Chernarus 2 months before the outbreak and now he is just trying to survive, and help anyone he can. Overall he is a nice guy who will try to share with anyone he meets and help people any way he can. But he has a very short temper and might end up doing bad things if people mess with him too much. A month after the outbreak Jared met a guy named Cameron Redmond who saved Jared from a bandit. Since then they have always stuck together and helped each other out. Together they fought off many infected, wolves, and bandits. They also help any people that they meet if they are nice to them. They both have good survival skills and good gun skills. Together they are very good at surviving and helping other people. They often ask nice people that they meet to stick around with them so they can build a better and stronger group. They hope that eventually they can have a large group to help other people who are in need and put a stop to bandits.
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