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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Lost/Wiped Character

    Well my friend, we need some new burlap sacks!
  2. AK lovers take a look!

    I need it!
  3. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    8/10 my feeling right now at work ^^
  4. What are the dying last words of the person above you?

    I built this gun myself, i tell you it's safe!
  5. Favorite weapon?

    A good start is always provided with the trusty Repeater, the Ak74 has a somewhat good find rate for ne and the ammo is good to come by, if only there were more mags As i sidearm i vote Makarov (ammo everywhere!) Or Revolver(because you don't need to search those damn mags ) I shoot too bad for a mosin, else it would be sweet^^
  6. [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    I've missed you..... athan! your still alive old friend missed you too buddy ^^
  7. Number of Bandits in the SA

    Well, i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so and i'm looking forward if it evens out? For now i'm just gonna stick to quieter grounds i think And thanks for all the intresting answers!
  8. Number of Bandits in the SA

    Hy everyone! I just wanted to throw a quick question in the room, probably its just my luck: I've been playing for a little more than a Week on the SA Servers and i've been already robbed about 4 times (once killed but that's pretty much my own fault ) is the numbers of bandits unusually high right now or am i just out of luck? (been playing both US + EU because of Full servers) Thanks in advance for any answers Greeting Thandwar
  9. [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    I think I remember you from the roadblock. Stefan, wasn't it? Yeah exactly! i wouldn't have thought that you remembered me, i loved sticking around with you guys, there was always something going on
  10. [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    hey, i'm glad to see you guy back, i had a lot of fun when i hung around with you on the Mod-Servers (tought i don't think anyone will remember me ), hope to run into you guys sometime!
  11. Yeah, that was Doc Kyle i think, that whole time there really got my heart pumpin!
  12. yeah man, everytime again! sadly the server seems unjoinable right now
  13. A saved Life and a Campfire

    Hello Community, i wanted to use this Thread to thank Leon Edl for his awesome Roleplay today, you we're pretty f*ed in the beginning but you turned out to be a cool guy, thanks for the time! And Franz you're still the best buddy I hope to meet you again! (Left: Leon Edl / Right: Franz Suter / Middle: Steve Walters(me))
  14. Launcher error message

    seems to work now! my problem was that i didn't run the Commander specificaly with admin rights, thanks for all the help you guys! Can be marked as solven Many Thanks, Thandwar
  15. Launcher error message

    sadly doesn't work, i tried that with the commander and everytime i try to update it changes for a second to "downloading" and after thet it shows a quick "error downloading" hm.....