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  1. Well my friend, we need some new burlap sacks!
  2. Thandwar

    AK lovers take a look!

    I need it!
  3. Thandwar

    Favorite weapon?

    A good start is always provided with the trusty Repeater, the Ak74 has a somewhat good find rate for ne and the ammo is good to come by, if only there were more mags As i sidearm i vote Makarov (ammo everywhere!) Or Revolver(because you don't need to search those damn mags ) I shoot too bad for a mosin, else it would be sweet^^
  4. Thandwar

    [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    I've missed you..... athan! your still alive old friend missed you too buddy ^^
  5. Well, i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so and i'm looking forward if it evens out? For now i'm just gonna stick to quieter grounds i think And thanks for all the intresting answers!
  6. Hy everyone! I just wanted to throw a quick question in the room, probably its just my luck: I've been playing for a little more than a Week on the SA Servers and i've been already robbed about 4 times (once killed but that's pretty much my own fault ) is the numbers of bandits unusually high right now or am i just out of luck? (been playing both US + EU because of Full servers) Thanks in advance for any answers Greeting Thandwar
  7. Thandwar

    [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    I think I remember you from the roadblock. Stefan, wasn't it? Yeah exactly! i wouldn't have thought that you remembered me, i loved sticking around with you guys, there was always something going on
  8. Thandwar

    [BHM] The Black Hat Militia

    hey, i'm glad to see you guy back, i had a lot of fun when i hung around with you on the Mod-Servers (tought i don't think anyone will remember me ), hope to run into you guys sometime!
  9. Yeah, that was Doc Kyle i think, that whole time there really got my heart pumpin!
  10. yeah man, everytime again! sadly the server seems unjoinable right now
  11. Hello Community, i wanted to use this Thread to thank Leon Edl for his awesome Roleplay today, you we're pretty f*ed in the beginning but you turned out to be a cool guy, thanks for the time! And Franz you're still the best buddy I hope to meet you again! (Left: Leon Edl / Right: Franz Suter / Middle: Steve Walters(me))
  12. seems to work now! my problem was that i didn't run the Commander specificaly with admin rights, thanks for all the help you guys! Can be marked as solven Many Thanks, Thandwar
  13. sadly doesn't work, i tried that with the commander and everytime i try to update it changes for a second to "downloading" and after thet it shows a quick "error downloading" hm.....