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  1. My character name is Robert Vinisky. He a man who knows a lot of things that most of us would not know. He lived in a beautiful and nice house on another land close to chernarus. When he was a kid he always loved to watch zombie movies. He knew right away that this kind of thing could happen to us any day. So when he grew up, he became successful. He had several business that some were legit and other not so legit. He needed to make a very big amount of money for the the private classified project he was going to do. The project was to create a very small island between chernarus and and his home. He would then construct a well hidden bunker for him and his bodyguard. So when the time comes, he would be prepared. He had very good connection with several people around the world. So he knew what was happening in Chernarus well before anyone else knew about it. One day he receive a call. This was he always feared what would happen. But he thought he was still safe in his home place. Sooner than later his city was overrun and he decided it was time to leave the city and head toward his bunker which is located between his home and Chernarus. The only way to get there is by boat. He is also the only one that can open the bunker. The bunker is heavily armed with automatic turret. Anti-missile and everything you could think as a protection. To steal the bunker they would need him otherwise it would be a straight dead sentence. On the way to the bunker, a heavy storm got it the way and unfortunately for Robert the water was very dangerous. They could not see ahead of them. Because of that they crash into a rock and Robert went unconscious and woke up on the island of Chernarus. Robert know that there is a hidden boat on the island that is fully operational but without a phone or even knowing that the only other person who knows where it is is still alive. He is stuck to be in Chernarus. His goal is to retrieve the boat to be able to get to his bunker and to find his bodyguard. Well that is if they didn't die in the boat crash.
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