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  1. Allen Corvis grew up in a hunting family in the rocky mountains of Colorado, USA. He grew up to be a very famous trophy hunter. He traveled the world looking for his next big kill. One of the places he had never been nor hunted was Chernarus and it was known that Chernarusan deer meat which was one of the best in the world. So in the spring of 2017 he decided to fly to Chernarus to begin scouting for the deer season. Although Chernarus was going through some political turmoil Allen could not wait any longer for his next adventure. When he made it into the country he rented a small cabin in the woods in western Chernarus. He was scouting in the woods when the bombing began. Since Allen’s cabin had no internet, television, and he had his phone off he did not know of the crisis on the country. He decided to hide out in his cabin and wait out what he thought was a minor conflict. It wasn’t until a few weeks later did he discover on a scavenging run that the population had become either infected or disappeared. Allen had been hiding in the forest and only going to cities when supplies are low. However, he has been recently seen survivor groups becoming more and more aggressive. Allen knows that if they find him he is as good as dead with how brutal they are. So for survival Allen has begun venturing out and seeking out fellow survivors who share his common goals and interests. During the infection Allen tends to stick to the woods and hunt so he can stay away from both man and infected. Especially when it comes to the human since they tend to be more dangerous than the infected. Allen has had his fair share of run ins with people ranging from those who just love to be bandits to those who wish to help. Allen had to ditch his little hunting hut since a high number of people have been crossing by, and they did not look too friendly. Normally Allen can either sneak away from those who seem to want to cause harm or at least escape their hold on him, but his most recent encounter has not gone so well. This group of people striped him of everything except his cloths and and a few items that really were not gonna help in the long run. Allen has had gear with him since the start while many most likely didnt have anything when the outbreak started, but Now with all that he has been through Allen’s real long journey has just begun.
  2. first of all i hope im posting this in the right section, but i was recently denied my whitelist application. When it told me to check the comments to see why, and how to fix it there were no comment section as it had put me back to the section of the character story and the about me.
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