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  1. Link to the situation:N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Y Feedback: This staff member was very quick to help even while at work, this type of dedication is what all staff members should strive to have. Not only was this staff member helpful and respectful but had quick knowledge about rules and the current (6/17/19 0501hrs EST) situation that is currently going on. If this staff member was in front of me I'd buy them a big mac and give them a firm hand shake. Thank you GenjiRP for your hard work we all appreciate it! Suggestions for improvement: A raise and benefits (eye care and all) Transcript from the discord messages: FaeToday at 4:42 AM Hi! I cant voice chat as I'm at work but I can help you here? Either way I have 15mins unless another support pops in LemonTVToday at 4:48 AM We got KOS'd while driving by 15 people, do logs shot vehicle damage by players? FaeToday at 4:48 AM You were in the vehicle? LemonTVToday at 4:49 AM there were 4 of us FaeToday at 4:49 AM And you died? LemonTVToday at 4:49 AM yes we all were killed FaeToday at 4:49 AM Logs should show hits and deaths for that yes. Pop up a report and the GMs will post them LemonTVToday at 4:49 AM I did i just wanted to know if there was vehicle v player logs or vice versa FaeToday at 4:50 AM If not they will call I everyone in the area for a pov I'm sure they do, but I'm not sure let me chexk4.
  2. DillionD

    KOS S1

    Server and location: Elektro S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08:32 Your in game name: Alan Grant Names of allies involved: Brock Chapman, Wayne Schmitt, and Jason Brass Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 allied red grunter 4 door Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: While driving from Cheno to Elektro at approximately 40-50kmh, we drove past a group of at approximately 10-15 people wearing blue arm bands. This group yelled at us as we drove past and could not be heard. Further down the road (approximately 1k out) we decided to turn around and see what was all the yelling was about. While driving back there were people in the road and the driver Brock Chapman purposely swerved to avoid the people in the road. Once we past the first person at approximately 90kmh we heard shots, and I asked if they were shooting at us. When going back into town a person down the road aimed their gun deliberately and shot at the vehicle without saying anything. The car crashed into a building and was stationary while the people shot deliberately at the passengers killing all inside. This clearly violates the rules and is adding to the toxic, KOS/RDM mentality, I've spoken with the "defending" party involved and all came to the conclusion that all the people whom shot the vehicle are guilty of KOS/ due to the fact that for... 1: The opposing party did not make any indication of hostile action. 2: The opposing party did not have KOS rights on our group 3: The opposing party could not give verbal commands to stop and hold up. 4: The car was too loud for any VOIP to be heard due to the high rate of speed and that the windows were up and we were trying to keep up good RP.
  3. When born, Will always had an interest in story books, those where you turn the page to 57 is you decided to take a left into the cave. Will was outcasted by the general population for wearing capes out in public, and was separated from the public school system into a private school where he met many more kids just like himself. Will did not feel outcasted with the group he was with and even grew into LARPing at the NERO conventions every year. His friends and him always lost but kept up good spirits even through defeat. Will and his alliance always sought to be the good guy, the ones who rescued the damsel in distress from the evil witch king. His identity as Balgrad the Breaker was born after one LARPing event where Will swung his styrophome sword so hard it broke someone’s expensive shield. Will took on the identity and made it his own in everyday life, at the grocery store, at work, at social gatherings. Many ostracized him, but with his friends, he never felt more popular. One particular event caught Will’s eye, The Battle for the Ring! An event that was held by every major LARPing coordinator inside of Chernarus for a special event that would take multiple weeks until the event was announced over. In the event the parties would camp out in the woods and try to find the Dark Lord, whom if slain would grant the slayer a signed ring by Ian McKellen (Gandalf from lord of the rings). This is where we find our young, noble hero, still thinking that the games are still on, and that the uprising of the zombies are the Dark Lord’s servants.
  4. @XeharaI'm more than willing to talk to everyone, only @Kain reached out to me to talk.
  5. I hereby agree to this statement and will advise to disband this report now that I've gotten the chance to hear the other side of the argument via voice chat with @Kain
  6. I'm still wanting video evidence that @Kain said he had.
  7. I file for full punishment for griefing on @Paco_'s behalf
  8. Still you did not comply with the commands given and leave, instead you stayed and took cover.
  9. So ducking behind a car and taking a pop shot at me was not defying a hostile demand?
  10. And I quote "I'm giving you 5 seconds to leave" and then a shot came at me from your team, I wasn't specifically aiming at you, I was aiming at the heads peaking from the windows. I'll reiterate though, I gave you all a change to leave and your friends did nothing but provoke a firefight, I cannot aim around you to make sure that you're unscathed untill someone who is unbiased in the firefight comes and lets you out. I am requesting anyone to post video evidence of this encounter. There was an order that was given with hostile intent and @kase and @kain both ran for cover, in clear violation of the order given, henceforth defying a hostile demand which was then followed by a hostile action.
  11. I innitiated and requested you to leave, someone shot first and i returned fire, there was clear instructions that were given and everyone could hear me properly. I will reiterate, the first shot came from the defending party, it was not my fault that someone was stuck inside of the car, at a clear disadvantage you should of valued your friends life and complied. On the matter of "raiding" you griefed by tossing items on the ground including weapons, food, water, medical supplies. It is a game breaking mechanic to "boost" into the base if you so did so.
  12. Server and location: s2 warehouse district in vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):between 0150 and 0450 Your in game name: Adam Grant Names of allies involved: Walker McCoy Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 vehicles Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Y Detailed description of the events: On 6/13/19 at approximately 0040 hours i logged on and found that my base had been ransacked. There was no way inside due to the building being roofed and all entrances and exits blocked via wooden gate. Once on, I found my car tent, 2 cars, multiple tents and items missing along with items thrown on the ground. The only way inside would be to log off from server 1, log back on to server two inside of our base and made a gate on the inside grief our base and taking our supplies.
  13. No video evidence but I witnessed everything, I was not personally held up nor my life threatened. It was the fact that he had been nearly stripped of everything besides his pants what was the issue, the men left Jacob without any food or water. No physical action was taken nor hands tied. I would go further into detail regarding this event but I am currently at work and have a very short lunch break. -sincerely DillionD
  14. Dr. Grant was born into an extremely wealthy family in New York city, his father a high ranking officer in the UN and his mother a drunken stay at home mother. Dr. Grant lived exceptionally well throughout his life, and has always taken an interest in Hematology (the study of blood and diseases) in high school, Dr. Grant was expelled for reportedly drawing blood from other students for money, his father bought off the schools principle to have it expunged from his record. Dr. Grant went to Harvard University and specialized in Hematology along with minoring in Behavioral Psychology. After many years Dr. Grant was hired by the UN as a lead scientist giving him full diplomatic immunity to conduct whatever experiments he so did desire. Dr. Grant traveled all around the world, Africa, Pakistan, Mexico, and many parts of central Europe. His experiments all leading to the one goal, creating a biological weapon and an immunization for profit and curiosity.
  15. Ken was born while his father was off to war in WW2 whom ultimately died during the conflict. Growing up with a single mother who was only 17 was easy, farm life, country music, chasing pretty girls with their poodle skirts at the old high school was just a way of life. Ken fell in love with a particular pretty girl named Sue Harris and got married right out of high school. Having their fist child named Richard McArthy. Ken worked for a long time as a police officer in his small town, becoming well known until he retired at the age of 40 and lived out his life watching his kid have kids and do amazing things with their lives. His grandson Kennedy McArthy went to study abroad in different countries, finally settling with a woman whom he was going to marry in Chernarus.
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