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  1. He was a nurse at a local clinic in Stary, he lived there for three years, beforehand lived in Elekro, his parents moved to Chernarus from Germany for family reasons, fallowing the outbreak he struggled to find food, and after discovering the taste of human meat resorted to such. His goal in cherno was to make enough money to be able to move back to Germany. The Rough streets of Elekro made him heartless, his parents died from a house robbery when he was 8, he was put in a foster home, but never got adopted, when he became 14 the foster home was shut down and he became part of a local gang, 4 years later he bought a house in Stary with dirty money, and finally was put into schooling, he got a medical degree and scored a nursing job at his local clinic, he worked there for 8 years, he woke up one morning to his front door being knocked down, grabbing his Ij-70, he opened his door to see, what's now known as a Zed, Zombie, Walker, Whatever you want to call it, he Reunited with a couple of his former gang members, they attempted to hold him up and he fought back, They were doing as he was, looking for food, and resorting to the last possible option, ate his old pal, now only doing so when absolutely necessarily, but his past was horrific enough to make him survive the new wasteland.
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