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  1. My character is named Kelland Smith, he was a car mechanic America before the outbreak. Kelland went on a trip to Chernarus to visit his parents Bob and Diana, who lived in Kamyshovo and was planning on only staying for a month but after only a couple weeks, the outbreak started. After the outbreak started, he got split up with his parents, he went back to Kamyshovo and didn't see any sign of them except blood all over their room. He then went into the garage where he knew they had their family car that he grew up with, although it didn't run, he knew he could probably fix it. After popping the hood, he noticed that it was a very easy fix that would only take him about thirty minutes. After fixing the car, he started driving towards the nearest large town, Elektrozavodsk. After driving for about a minute or two, he noticed a weird sound and then all of a sudden the tachometer started dropping, until it was at zero. He quickly realized that his only option was to walk. Ever since then, Kelland has been wandering Chernarus just trying to survive.
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